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Today I got up when my wife did, left a bit after she did with a truck full of used oil and coolant. Drove up to the collection point in Naperville, where I left all of it, and it no longer darkens my domain! I've wanted to be rid of that stuff for years but always ran into schedule conflicts or other issues whenever there'd be a collection day for that kind of stuff. Well, it took getting up early and making a special trip, but it was 100% worth it, because now it's all gone and I no longer have to trip over it!

* * *

So, the Democrat at the center of that child pr0nm investigation in NYC is president of the Manhattan Young Democrats and only had to put up $7,500 in bail. His father made $21 million on a land deal; that's a vanishingly small bail for that crime, especially given that he comes from such a rich family. The brief bio of his father reads like a "Who's Who in NYC" entry.

Let Joe Blow get caught with that kind of sick crap on his computer and see what his bail is. It wouldn't be any $7,500. $75,000, maybe. But of course the guy is the son of a rich and well-connected New York Democrat.

* * *

Chicago population shrank from 2015 to 2016. "CHICAGO ONLY MAJOR U.S. CITY TO LOSE POPULATION FROM 2015 TO 2016," the article blares.

Well, of course. Chicago (and by extension Cook County) is a festering shithole. People can't say that--the real reason is "vibrant youths" and their propensity for violent crime--so they say "taxes", which are also a big problem in IL.

Illinois politicians do think that taxpayers represent this bottomless pool of money they can reach out and dip into whenever they like. That's why the Chicago Democrat answer to the pension problem is, "Well, the taxpayers will just have to pay it."

I'm not astounded at the stupidity of Illinois Democrats who--given the example of Detroit--are doing exactly the same things that made a ruin out of Motor City. Because Democrats always double down on their idiocy, carry it all the way until it can't be carried any longer; thinking they're the smartest people ever, even as they pull the dumbest shit imaginable they think that because they are doing it, it'll work fine.

So they keep on spending borrowed money as only government can, thinking they'll just raise taxes. The people who can leave are getting out; the remainder are people who can't leave...and those people don't pay taxes, certainly not at the rate of the people who could, and did, leave.

The result will be that Chicago will resemble Detroit in a couple decades. If not sooner.

* * *

Never believe a politician's promises, especially with regards to taxes. The California legislature swore that their new massive gas tax hike would go into infrastructure spending, and now--of course--they're planning to divert money from that to non-transport spending.

Same reason I voted against the stupid referendum here in IL to constrain gas taxes to transport infrastructure: Illinois would then just raise taxes somewhere else.

* * *

Man, today is gorgeous. I have a couple minor chores to do, but the day is mine otherwise. I'm going to watch the race and do my chores. Whee!

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