atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5623: Perception

Look at this picture and tell me what you see:

If you're a normal human being, you see the face of a pretty little girl, maybe a bit too young to have lipstick on, but certainly a positive image, no? She's smiling, obviously happy and healthy. There are millions of little girls like her all over the world, and in western countries they have a reasonable expectation to grow up, get educated, maybe start families of their own. You see the face of a child, still reasonably innocent, something to be protected until she can stand on her own.

But muslims don't see that. What they see is the painted face of a harlot, fit only for subjugation and rape, or extermination. They don't see a pretty little girl, but something to be controlled, or killed. They don't see a person there; they see a chattel to be married off to a suitable husband, who will be able to demand that she service him sexually whenever he pleases, who can beat her, and even kill her if she "dishonors" him.

She was eight years old when the islamic savage's bomb took her life. To a muslim, that's a year shy of the age of the wife of their "great prophet" mohammed, whose teachings are what compel them to regard women as chattel and people as expendable munitions.

Under sharia--if she were alive--she would not be allowed to drive a car, or to own property, or even attend school. She'd be required to cover herself head-to-toe. If raped, she would be stoned for "adultery". She would not be allowed to go anywhere by herself, and to be caught in a closed room with a man she was not related or married to would carry grave consequences, like lashes or even execution.

That's why so-called "moderate" muslims won't control their radical elements: they agree with them. They won't stop the radicals because they don't think it's wrong to kill whores and infidels.

You and I, looking at that picture, we see a person. But muslims see a target.

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