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#5625: One of those things that's obvious once someone points it out to you

Let's face it: not everyone is smart. Some people are; some are average and some are dumb.

What usually happens is that some genius thinks of something, and once he does it's immediately obvious that was the case, and the average say, "Why didn't I think of that?" E=mc2 was only obvious after Einstein. The first atomic bomb took an army of scientists to develop; now it's just engineering.

Sometimes it's not a difference in intelligence but perspective that yields the breakthrough.

I don't know which it is here but the point is immediately and blatantly obvious once someone else brings it up:
Progs enjoy their own hypocrisy. They relish it, so pointing it out to them has the opposite effect from what is intended. The defenders of Greek life point out that male sportsballers tend to go rapey on campus, yet no one is trying to shut down the football team. Progs find this energizing. It means they are in control and therefore can arbitrarily enforce the rules. Appeals to administrative consistency are blood in the water for the Progs.
Emphasis mine. They relish their own hypocrisy because it means they are in charge. It's not just hypocrisy but smug hypocrisy: they know they're doing it--they're doing it on purpose--and they get off on it.

Simple. Elegant. Obviously true. Like the matter-energy equivalence.

* * *

So, when we were at the cinema Thursday night, saw a bunch of previews (of course) and one of them was for Dunkirk.

That looks like it'll be worth watching, though I'm not about to drag my wife to the theater to sit through a war movie.

I'll admit that it's mainly the scenes with the airplanes that drew me in. They probably put into the trailer most of the footage showing air action in the movie. I can't help it; I'm a sucker for WW2 aviation. WW2 military aircraft have a romance about them, a soul that modern military hardware lacks. Don't get me wrong--the F14 Tomcat is fuckin' cool, but it's cold and remorseless, like a shark. It'd tear a Spitfire to pieces (watch how effortlessly a pair of Tomcats deal with a pair of Mitsubishi Zeros in Final Countdown) and would do so with the soulless efficiency of a Cyberdyne T-101 killing all the Sarah Connors in the Los Angeles phone book. But damn, you can't beat the drone of a 16-cylinder turbo-supercharged engine turning a constant-speed propellor, moving a plane unable to fly faster than human reflexes can manage, needing no computers to maintain airworthiness. Even better, the inimitable sound of a radial engine.

I'm not blind to the fact that the new hardware is better, for a whole host of reasons. If it weren't, we wouldn't use it, and simple nostalgia is no reason to continue using obsolete equipment. But there was a brief time in the 20th century when propellor aircraft had reached their zenith, before they were replaced with jets, and those machines and the time in which they existed are what I admire.

* * *

Oh, is that what it is?

See, I ignored this story because I figured it's the international elite hating on Trump, but it turns out that no, according to the linked story above Trump told NATO that they're going to have to pay their fair share of their own self-defense costs, and that is what actually has Angela Merkel's panties in a bunch.

Not the stupid "Paris Accords" thing. That's discivilzational nonsense, based on junk science, but it's a cause the left gets all up in arms over. No one on the left is going to be upset about NATO signatories having to pay for more of their own defense; they'll just say something like, "Man, fuck the army." But the US saying, "No, we're not crippling our economy with that horseshit," that the left will get all cranked up over.

* * *

First Lady Melania Trump respects Catholicsm but not the death cult. WIN.
He [a hypothetical madman] might ask himself why the First Lady abides by the practice of all First Ladies who ever met the Pope, and does not abide by the practices of woman-hating rape-culture monsters from the Middle East, who just blew up teen-aged girls in Manchester, and with whom we are locked in a life or death struggle for survival.

He might ask himself why the First Lady, or any lady, is not eager to show open signs of submission to a culture that practices polygamy, abduction and sexual slavery of underage girls, genital mutilation of girls, honor killing, gangrape as an instrument of domination, and forbids women from owning property, working for wages, or driving vehicles.

On the other hand, the Roman Catholic Church, despite what her enemies might have said, is in fact the only institution in history that ever held women not to be spiritually inferior to men, held that a bride could not be wed against her will, or forbade polygamy or divorce, or allowed abbesses into positions of leadership.

A person who was truly psychotic, and had lost all touch with reality, might indeed be confused by the question of why the First Lady, in her capacity as a representative of our nation, if not of all women of the West, did not show proper submission and surrender to barbaric customs designed to humiliate and demean women.

But there is no such person. No one is confused. There is no confusion. The Boston Globe is fake news.
"There was some confusion," went the Boston Globe article, "over why the first lady wore a veil...while she didn’t wear a headscarf in the Muslim country of Saudi Arabia."

Because fuck islam, that's why. It does not deserve respect, for the reasons Wright mentions in his post and multiple others besides. When islam learns how to respect other religions, when the terror in the name of allah stops, when the butchery and the lies and the horror and the subjugation end, then it may have a place at the table; but until then, it is not worthy of respect, courtesy, or even tolerance.

Incidentally, he ends with this:
It should be noted that Jackie Kennedy, Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama all wore black dresses and the mantilla when meeting the Pope. No one expressed confusion over any of them not wearing a hijab.
The Boston Globe is nothing but fake news.

* * *

Closed several tabs because I'm sick of leftist horseshit.

* * *

Dang, that's a big model of the Cygnus from Black Hole.

Go to the photo page, and you see a ton of other SF models--Sea View, Discovery, C-57D, Jupiter 2, various flavors of Enterprise, a Cylon basestar and various versions of Battlestar Galactica, Voyager, the Mach V, the Yamato, several ships from Star Wars, and some others which are familiar to me but which I cannot place. Dang.

...and the modeler has a crapton of figure models. Guess he likes to build models?

Never really liked Black Hole very much. The novelization of the movie was okay. There were two main things which ruined it for me: the robot "Old B.O.B.", voiced by Slim Pickens, and Ernest Borgnine. The story was so-so, but Old B.O.B. was like the 1979 version of Tow Mater, another character I cannot stand. Oh--the inclusion of telepathy. That was pretty ham-handed, the way they handled it. (THREE! things which ruined it for me....)

Well, it could be worse, though. The model is pretty epic.

* * *

Took time out yesterday to putter around in the garage, organizing some junk and throwing away useless dreck. My focus, this time, was the old chest of drawers with the shelving unit on top; I put another set of shelves atop that one, making more room, and in the process cleaned and organized that little corner.

It was easier to do that than it was to dig into one of the bigger piles, but I expect to do that this afternoon and see what comes of it. I have some minor tasks to take care of first, but then off we go.

So, off I go.

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