atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5636: Gettin' all up in the grill

While cleaning the garage I came across a paper bag with ceramic charcoal briquettes in it. These came with the grill, which was new in 1994 (?). The ceramic coals have never been changed, so imagine my surprise when I saw instructions on the bag itself which say that the coals should be changed approximately every two or three months.

Me: Oh....

Last time I went to the hardware store (to buy bolt for working on motorcycle) I also bought a bag of replacement coals, a bag of 60 for $10. The grill only uses about a dozen at a time, so that's a good buy. Today, Mrs. Fungus wanted burgers, so I went outside to clean the grill and replace the coals, only to find that the burner bar was COMPLETELY SHOT. No wonder it's not working right; there were holes eaten through it, allowing combustion in weird places.

I went to Ace and bought a new burner bar. I wanted to replace the ignitor, too, but they didn't have anything that would fit. I bought some hardware thinking I could bodge something together to hold it in position, and then went home again.

The burner bar was a universal kind, so I had to assemble it, and then tweak the openings on the venturi tubes to get the right mix. I couldn't get the ignitor to work. Added fresh coals, lit it manually, and grilled some delicious hamburgers.

Once I get the igniter fixed, it ought to be good for another couple of decades.

* * *

It's a gorgeous summer night tonight. We didn't run the AC today, as it never got too warm inside the house even with the windows open. Now it's cooled off and it's gloriously wonderful weather outside.

Seems like summer waited long enough to get here.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a bunch of stuff done in the garage--fixing the motorcycle, cleaning stuff, and so on. We'll see how I do, but there's a ton of things that need doing and I'm the only one who will, so I might as well do it.

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