atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#563: More stupid spam!


Allan gets his "Medz" from somewhere. Pity he doesn't get a spell checker.

Sheryl Broussard says I will notice an increase of up to 1/2 inch in the first month. Well, if I notice half an inch, how much is the actual increase? Is it more or less? How should I measure it?

No, I'm overthinking this one....

Fritz Hays ruins my self-esteem by saying that only one of their "sexy girl" wants to meet me. But the way that's written, I think they only have one "sexy girl" to begin with. And who decides how sexy she is, anyway? Reubens would have had to change his pants after meeting Roseanne Barr, but I'd run screaming.

Kelly Crenshaw doesn't believe in Vyag Rat and actually spells the name of the drug correctly. But I still don't want any. (Or need it, thanks.)

mico asks me if I'm "ready" for football season. Let me see: anime, check. Books, check. Computer with internet connection, check.

Loads of things which interest me a hell of a lot more than football does: check.

Irene Michael is Kelly Crenshaw's other e-mail account.

Attention, marilynlmurray: I Am Not Byron. I Own A Perfectly Serviceable Timex Watch ($45 At Target). By The Way, You Capitalize In A Very Stupid Fashion And I Suspect You Are A Total Fricking Idiot.

Gabrielle Nunez attempts to sell me penis enhancements by giving me an utterly boring anatomy lesson. Let me tell you something: men who are worried about the size of their equipment don't give a Vyag Rat's ass about how the thing works; they just want it to be bigger. And while we're on the subject, why the hell are women trying to sell me this shit? Is there some kind of conspiracy going on here? Is that why I never get dates--because someone thinks I'm "understaffed"? Is that the problem?

No, I'm overthinking this one, too.

Oh well.

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