atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5641: Islam Delenda Est

We have the second terror attack in London in under a fortnight. Unarmed police running away from attackers, leaving civilians to fend for themselves. Londoner cursing at "fucking muslims" is taken to task by another Londoner for saying so even as they lay on the floor in a shop, unable to fight back against a knife attack because English subjects have no right to self-defense.

(Yes, "subjects", not "citizens". There are no citizens in England. This is not just a cute turn of phrase but the actual correct way to refer to the public in the UK. That is one reason there's no "bill of rights" there; it's a constitutional monarchy and there is no ruler without subjects.)

This latest islamic atrocity demonstrates that they don't need guns and explosives to perpetrate their savagery, but that was already conclusive after 9/11--using box cutters to commandeer commercial aircraft, which were then used as baka-bombs. The problem is not access to weaponry but adherence to a political creed.

Ann Barnhardt makes the point most eloquently that islam is not a religion but a political system, and any remedy against its depradations must begin from that premise.

Islam seeks to subjugate the world. It does not seek to "divide" but to conquer, using any means necessary. Meek submission is not the answer. Lighting candles and holding hands is not the answer. The only language they understand is violence, and the only way to prevent further attacks is to use the strictures of their death cult against them.

When an islamic terror attack takes place, every attempt must be made to kill the assailants. Once they are dead, their bodies are stripped nude, layered with pork products, and displayed in public for two days before being buried with no honors; instead of a eulogy, a standard public statement is read explaining why "these bodies" (the names of the dead are not mentioned) are being treated they way they are, emphasizing that such treatment will continue as long as islam continues to perpetrate terror attacks.

It worked in the Philippines. It would work anywhere else it's tried. There is no worldly reason for muslims to stop their atrocities, but while the veneer of religion atop their poplitical system has shielded it from proper reprisal, it is also its greatest weakness. We need only acknowledge that they are at war with us and won't stop using every means at their disposal; then we can begin to fight back properly and effectively. Until we do, the savages will continue to commit their atrocities.

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