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#5642: Well, what can I say?

That last post got kind of flinty. Well, I'm sick and tired of the way our elites insist that we have to be complete pussies so as not to offend muslims. Every time there's an attack, their big bugaboo isn't the violent deaths of innocent people but avoiding "anti-muslim backlash". There for damn sure ought to be anti-muslim backlash whenever one of those savages blows himself up or hacks his way through a crowd! Adherents of the death cult give tacit approval to the terrorists, don't do a thing to help prevent their atrocities, dance in the blood of the victims--why shouldn't we blame the entire cult for it?

You show me the mass islamic outcry against these terror attacks, and then I'll moderate my position on this. But you can't, and I won't.

Meanwhile, the elites continue to do their thing because they aren't the ones dying in terror attacks. It's pretty much the same thing as the elimination of the draft; since elites' children don't face having to serve in the military, now we can be at war all the damned time, which is why we're still in Afghanistan even though that country is an unremediated shithole which will remain mired in the 7th century as long as islam holds sway there.

* * *

For some time, in WoW, I've wanted to get a certain mount. It's called "Vial of the Sands", and it's made by an alchemist. The materials for it are hideously expensive, and you can only get the recipe by doing archaeology in one zone on the map. Archaeology sites move around at random, and that one zone rarely has dig sites, so it's a slog.

...until I realized that there is at least one place in the world you can trade previously-found artifacts for artifact fragments.

Had that realization months ago, but last night was when I finally remembered it when I had time to play. Logged on to old Ormus, went to the vendor, traded artifacts for fragments--and then presto, got the recipe for Vial of the Sands after completing three or four artifacts.

The materials list is pretty impressive. Besides needing a special vial (5,000 gold) and eight units of "Sands of Eternity" (3,000 gold each) you need:
256 volatile life
128 Whiptail
64 Azshara's Veil
64 Cinderbloom
12 truegold:
36 pyrium bar
120 volatile fire
120 volatile air
120 volatile water
Current auction house price for Vial of the Sands is about 120,000 gold, which is not terribly surprising. I've got a fiver which says the truegold transmutation can only be done once per day, which means that it's twelve days plus farming that crapton of herbs (whiptail etc) and elements (volatile xyz).

All this gives you the Vial of the Sands, which you then consume, and it gives you the ability to transform into a dragon; you can then carry another player on your back and fly anywhere flying is allowed.

I'm on the fence about putting my first one on the AH (for about 100,000 gold) and then making another for myself once it sells.

Buying the vial and the sands reduced Ormus from about 88,000 GP to 50,000-ish. I don't really mind, as it's just pretend money, but amassing that fortune took some time and a lot of questing in Draenor (before they nerfed all the gold farming). Another avenue to amass money is to buy WoW tokens ($15 each) and sell them on the AH; that makes a ton of money quickly but of course it takes real-world cash.

By and large I don't really worry about in-game money, because I want to hack monsters and go on adventures, not diddle around with a capitalism simulator.

* * *

Well, today is the day I set aside to work in the garage. I suppose I ought to eat something and then get on with it, instead of sitting at the computer and bloggerating.

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