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#5645: That delicious flavor

Last night, grilled sausages with the newly repaired grill. The new coals are lending proper BBQ flavor to everything and it's coming out delicious.

I am aware that cooking over charcoal is more desirable than using gas, but I don't want to have to babysit a fire, and charcoal goes on burning long after you're done cooking. If I were doing an actual cookout it would be a different story, but gas is convenient and quick and easily handled. Fortunately my food is so delicious you don't notice it was cooked with gas instead of charcoal.


Besides, I already own the gas grill; if I wanted to buy a charcoal grill it would represent a bigger investment than repairs to the gas grill cost.

Interesting bit: Menards now has an automatic gas cylinder exchange available 24/7. You put your credit card in a slot, open a door, take full cylinder out and put empty in its place. If you don't put an empty in, you get charged the price for a cylinder; otherwise you get the exchange price. And that's like $16 or so, which is about $5 less than I paid to get the most recent refill.

It's a vending machine for propane FFS.

* * *

What?? Screw that shit.
[Planetary protection] the prime-directive-style notion that humans should not contaminate other worlds with Earth-based microbes....
Listen up, you cockmonkeys: you're always telling us about "survival of the fittest" and crowing about Darwin and so on. Well, guess what, Morty? Humans are out-competing all other life in the solar system. You don't see any probes from Venus or Titan or Mars or Uranus, do you? No, because whatever life evolved in those places--assuming there is any at all, which is a big "if"!--has had just as much time to evolve as Earth life has had, and it's doing nothing.

Here's my attitude: if we make it to Mars and bring our microbes with us, too damned bad. Mars, you had your shot and all you did was lichens and mosses. Now we're moving in, and we're renovating the place to suit ourselves.

I am very chauvanistic when it comes to my species. If someone tries to move in on us, we fight back. But if we go to the other worlds of our solar system and find nothing but bacteria, there's no good reason for us to restrain ourselves. Worrying about the fragile Mars ecosystem or the fragile Lunar ecosystem is stupid.

* * *

Speaking of "stupid", this is certainly going to be pretty bad. Cowboy Bebop was an okay series, though it kind of flamed out at the end; but handing an anime series over to Hollywood will ruin it.

At least Keanu Reeves won't be Spike. I don't know who thought that would be a good idea, but trust me, it would have been bleeding awful.

* * *

Hillary's solution to terrorism? "What kind of food do you eat?" The fatuousness and fecklessness on display here is epic in its proportion.

Thank God that woman will never be President.

* * *

"It's starting to feel kinda normal to reuse rockets." SpaceX launched and landed another rocket, and sent aloft a previously-flown capsule. This is so awesome to behold.

* * *

I'm sure Andrew Breitbart rolled over in his grave. fired someone for saying that England wouldn't have muslim terror attacks if it didn't have muslims in it. Well, duh.

* * *

Gorgeous weather! Sunday it cooled off, and Monday was a lot cooler, so I ventilated with outside air. Today is also nice and cool. Looks like that'll maintain for a few more days; then summer heat comes again.

So, yesterday's garage day did not accomplish as much as I'd hoped. Today I took care of the recycling, though, which has resulted in the very last of the clutter in front of my workbench being gone. I broke down and recycled the spare Escort transmission, because I realized I would never do anything with it, and that freed up more floor space.

Next up will be deciding what to do with the Lawn Boy mower. If it runs, I might throw it up on Craigslist for $50. If it doesn't, I'll recycle the bitch. And maybe I won't bother with it at all and just haul it over to the scrap yard because I have enough nonsense on my plate without adding to it. The last thing I need is to throw my shoulder out of joint trying to start a junk mower. Besides, it's a vertical shaft engine, which I can't use for anything entertaining.

The little Toro snowblower is the same way, actually. It's a horizontal-shaft engine, though, which could conceivably be used for something other than blowing snow, particularly considering I already have a one-lung snowblower and a massive drift-buster. It used to be one could buy a generator head and miscellanious bits and pieces and build his own generator; I wonder what that would run me. It would not be very powerful (probably not more than a kilowatt) but it would be a portable source of electricity. Might bear thinking about.

And might just get recycled instead. Same reason as the lawn mower; besides, I have enough to do as it is without adding to it.

The Jeep, meanwhile, has a different feel to it. I added 1/8th turn of preload to the steering box, which firmed up the steering feel; it hasn't done much for the wobble but it does make the truck feel a lot more solid.

Below 45 the truck is stable as bedrock, and with the steering gear adjusted it now feels rock-solid as well. It still starts to feel a little indefinite when moving faster than that, though. Not unsafe--I can go 80 MPH in this thing with nary a concern--but just not solid, not like it feels below 45.

That's got me leaning towards doing the control arm bushings. That's $80 worth of parts, borrow a ball joint press, and spend a weekend wrenching on the front end (followed by an alignment on Monday) but it's not entirely out of the question, and that would probably do a lot for eliminating that uncertain feeling as well as the wobble. All I need is about $100 and the will to do it.

Meanwhile, today I bought a serpentine belt, because the one on the truck has 80,000 on it, and I last replaced that belt when I bought the thing a decade ago. I'm going to do that maybe Thursday, which will be another outdoor chore day.

* * *

Saturday, there's a hiring event not far from here I think I'll attend. It's warehouse work but the pay is better than the phone slave job was, and it's a short drive rather than an hour--and I could use the money. (And not customer facing which is a huge friggin' plus for me, believe me.) Can't hurt to try, and I'm actually more likely to get that than a technical job.

There'll probably be about 50,000 people waiting in line to apply. Well, that's okay; what else am I gonna do?

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