atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5646: We're getting more garage space back today

Going to the recycler today with more junk from the garage. The Lawn Boy mower is partly seized, the Toro snowblower wouldn't start, and I found a pile of junk I neither need nor want while cleaning around my workbench. It's all going into the truck today. Sayonara.

* * *

Harvard history professor doesn't know how the US was formed and insists it was created in the wrong year by an "international community" which did not exist at the time.

US was formed July 4, 1776, bitch, and the treaty signed in Paris in 1783 was the United Kingdom officially recognizing that fact.

If this is indicative of what the faculty of Harvard is like, don't study there. Shit.

(Well, who knows? Maybe she's an east African historian who knows nothing about the history of the United States.)

* * *

80 charts demonstrating that AGW is a fraud.

58 papers saying it's fraud.

Related: 14 stupid reactions to Trump's announcement that US is leaving Paris Agreement. Heh.

* * *

"Muhammed was essentially the opposite of Jesus, the anti-Jesus,..." or the anti-Christ? Totally not surprising.

* * *

I'm rarin' to get that junk gone. Off I go to get rid of it.

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