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#5647: That's what happens when libs don't like something a Republican said. Sauce for the goose.

Was the slight laugh she got from that stunt worth ending her career? Probably not. But on the plus side, if you commie-libs out there want to hire her for a private show, Kathy Griffin's schedule is now wide open.

She's got every right in the world to say what she wants to say. But she does not have any right in the world to force people to listen to her.

Whenever someone on the right says something the left finds objectionable, he is hounded right out of his job--and even then the libs refuse to let it go.

It used to be that lefties could say or do whatever they wanted under the guise of "satire" and/or "humor"--but that is changing, and Griffin's error was in not realizing that the rules are different now than they have been for the last forty years. Crap like that is why you got Trump in the first place; did you honestly think voting Trump into office would be the end of it?

So, no, I don't feel sorry for her. Sometimes the result of exercising your right to free speech is that people decide they no longer want to listen to you.

* * *

Looked at a YouTube video of stupid auto repairs and/or modifications. The worst mod was the idiot who cut holes in his floor and mounted 24" subwoofers under the seats. There aren't even enclosures. That'll be fine as long as it never rains where you live, dude, but the first time you drive through a puddle you can say "bye bye!" to about $4,000 worth of speakers. The cones are probably aluminum or something but speaker voice coils do not react well to moisture. And all that exposed wiring--

The other dumb mod was the guy who mounted turbochargers to Flowmaster mufflers. Now--putting turbos at the back end of the car, that kind of thing has been done before, but the exhaust always flows straight into the turbos. Putting them on mufflers (even blocking off the outlets) is stupid. But that at least required some technical knowledge and welding skill, unlike the subwoofer thing, which is just idiotic.

Scariest mod? Some genius lifted his 4x4 a lot, but instead of buying an extended Pitman arm, he took the Pitman arm off, cut it in half (!), and welded the halves to opposite ends of a 6" section of 1" square tubing. (!!) That sort of modification is so unsafe it makes me want to demand roadworthiness inspections. The amount of stress that a Pitman arm sees over its operational lifetime--and if the Pitman arm breaks, you have no steering at all--whichever way those wheels happen to flop, they'll go hard over in that direction, and your vehicle will probably roll several times--so it's a mission-critical part. That's the kind of thing that can get you killed. Don't do it.

* * *

Ever since completing the space war segment, I haven't even touched Apocalyptic Visions. I've got the latest print of it red-marked, so I suppose I should figure out where I put the manuscript and get my changes entered. That might kickstart writing the ground war. And might not.

Today I realized something important about one of the characters, who as much as vowed never to fight against humans again. He's going to be involved in the second war in the story, and he's going to wade right in and fight against humans.

So, looking forward to that, and a crapton of other things as well. There's a lot of story left to write.

* * *

In the course of two days' worth of recycling stuff, I've turned two Jeep-loads of junk into $25 and change and the garage has never looked better. At least, not in 40 years. I still have a ton of stuff to do out there but I can now walk right up to my workbench without moving anything. I can walk to the back door from the front, or vice-versa, without running into anything. I can pull the front end of a vehicle into the garage and work on it if I so desire. There's room out there again.

Even better, I found that I can get to the attic without moving anything; just pull down the ladder and up we go.

There's still a lot of crap to deal with, but it's a vast improvement over where it was even two months ago. Win.

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