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#5648: Make EPA buy land it declares off-limits

Sick of this kind of story? Farmer buys 450 acres, pays to have it studied to make sure he won't violate (stupid!) federal environmental laws, then gets fined anyway by EPA.

Saying it again: when the EPA swoops in and declares that you may not use the land you own, EPA should have to buy it from you for at least what you paid to buy it. It's a loophole in eminent domain that should be closed: the government isn't actually taking the land so they don't pay you for it, but they are preventing you from doing anything economically useful with it, rendering it valueless to you.

Like, guy pays a million dollars for a big plot of land with the intention of developing it, only EPA comes in and says no, you can't build anything there because someone saw a left-handed dotted snail which is on the endangered species list. What does he do now? He's out $1 million; certainly he can't sell it to anyone for what he paid, as the presence of that left-handed dotted snail means no one can build there. It's now wasteland, utterly useless property. He might be able to get the decision overturned if he has a lot of money to burn on lawyers.

The process does not require any court review, either. If an EPA regulator finds there's a left-handed dotted snail on your land, you're done. There's no trial by jury, you have no rights; it's entirely administrative (bureaucratic) and their word is final unless you have a truckload of money for legal fees.

Fuck, Nixon, why'd you saddle us with this horseshit?

* * *

An apt demonstration of muslims' tacit agreement with terrorists. "The Saudi Arabian soccer team refused to line up for a minute's silence for the London terror victims on Thursday night because it is not in keeping with their culture."

..."not in keeping with their culture" because they agree with the savages perpetrating the atrocities. "They're infidels; they deserved it."

If it's "not in keeping" with your culture, take your savage ass back to whatever sand dune spawned you. Kill your fellow barbarians instead of civilized people.

* * *

The mainstream media is fake news and MSNBC is attempting to write comedy now. "Snowflake" does not mean "colored person", "SJW" does not mean "stingy jew", and if they'd bothered to do even a few moments' research with Googe they'd know that.

The intention, though, is not to present accurate information, but to push a narrative.

"Trap" predates the alt-right. A trap is a person who, to all casual inspection, appears 100% female, until you get the pants off and find the dong. That is a trap. Seiko from Lovely Complex is a trap.

Incidentally, AHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA what losers:
This page has been protected due to excessive vandalism of Seiko's gender. Seiko is a transgender girl, Aya Nakahara made Seiko's character to promote gender equality and use of her proper pronouns will be used on this Wiki.
"Excessive vandalism"? The character's given name is Seishiro Kotobuki; he is a dude who looks like a girl and wears girls' clothing.

Aya Nakahara didn't put Seiko in the story to "promote gender equality". She put the character in the story because she's a shoujo manga artist (girls' manga) and that's the kind of thing shoujo manga does, because there are always girls who like the weird guy character who likes clothes and makeup like they do. Seiko's best friend in the series is Haruka, another guy who's good with girly things but is a straight male. You see these kinds of characters in shoujo manga because Japanese girls like these kinds of characters, not because the artist wants to "promote gender equality".

...and so to "protect" Seiko's "gender" from "excessive vandalism", the editor has removed all identifying information from the page. There's no discussion of his appearance, personality, or anything. There's a sidebar with a couple of statistics, but nothing else.

Yeah, you're really "protecting" him there, dude. *rolleyes*

* * *

Liberty's Torch: the Great Global Warming Swindle. Linked for later reference.

* * *

Ye cats, how stupid and pathetic. Ms. Reality Winner (urk) is probably going to go to jail for leaking the big anti-Trump smoking gun about election hacking which in fact explains how Russian hackers managed to spearphish their way into some e-mail accounts at a company which happens to make voting machines.

They didn't hack voting machines themselves, nor did they change any elections, and in fact they were looking to steal a few identities so as to commit financial fraud.

It's nothing.

* * *

Did any of you ever read my short stories Singularity and Methuselah? That's what this reminds me of.

In those stories, I referred to post-Singularity civilizations where biological activity had ceased as "digital stromatolites". (Stromatolite for those not well-versed in geology.) The world in that hideous Black Mirror episode was on its way to becoming a digital stromatolite.

The problem with such a civilization is that it's stagnated. No one ever dies, but there are no new births, either. It ossifies (hence my name for it) and does approximately nothing else, forever--or as long as the power lasts.

The advanced civilizations postulated in that post could work--in that they could run their virtual civilization for trillions of years on the power emitted by a black hole due to Hawking radiation--but once they'd gotten to that point they would go no further. They couldn't.

Just imagine what it would be like if Adolf Hitler could never die. Vladimir Lenin. Pol Pot, Mao, Castro, Napoleon, Attila the Hun, Nero, Julius Caesar, Ramses II--how far could our civilization have advanced if we were still beholden to people who have been proven wrong by history? Do you think someone like Lenin would calmly accept being voted out of office?

I know, "advanced" means they've evolved beyond mass political murder, but how high is up? There's no way to tell how advanced a civilization can become if it downloads into a computer and stagnates there for the rest of eternity. And it will stagnate.

Let 'em cache the consciousness of their dead in computers. (Setting aside the religious aspect for a bit.) But the civilization must be run by and for the living, not the digital ghosts of their ancestors.

* * *

Today is another ridiculously nice day. I've got to get the grass cut, and I have some other chores to which I must attend. I don't mind at all.

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