atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5649: How? I mean really? How?

The rear differential of some vehicle, cover removed. The black stuff looks like grease that solidified, somehow. What did this idiot do, fill his diff with RTV? Was it just really cold at the time that picture was taken? How??

* * *

"I TOLD the guys my Mini Moke was a chick magnet!"

* * *

This pic says it all about Democrats.

Artist's conception of the owner of that car:

* * *

Okay, real live solar scientist says we're headed for an extended solar minimum which will probably cause global cooling. But of course solar insolation deniers will continue to claim that the sun is irrelevant to Earth's climate when compared to the effect of rising CO2.


* * *

Okay, time to cut the grass. For real this time.

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