atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5651: The cold, unappealing reality

"Wow!" signal likely due to comets. There's a pair of comets which share a cloud of hydrogen, and that hydrogen resonates at exactly that frequency.

Look: if we ever detect a radio signal from aliens, it'll be unequivocal, not the least because it'll be detected more than one time in 40 years and there'll be some obvious modulation to it.

* * *

An original Pollock or someone's drop cloth? That's the problem with so-called "modern" art. You can't tell the trash from the treasures without getting some kind of expert involved.

* * *

I guess one out of three? But they don't give "get out of jail free" cards to people who commit federal felonies just because they're white, so I'd wager playing it "pretty, white, and cute" wouldn't work even if Reality Winner were pretty or even cute. She's not. She's white, though, so I suppose she's got that much going for her, even if it won't help her case any.

Look, dumbass: you intentionally stole a top-secret document with the intention of giving it to the press. That's a little more serious than lifting a candy bar from a 7-11, and being "cute" ain't gonna help you.

* * *

Young man with gender dysphoria went on a shooting spree and committed suicide. Media ignoring the "gender dysphoria" part.

* * *

Today is laundry day. I'm not sure how many loads I'll be doing, but it'll be plenty. Whee!

Last night I dug out the battery charger I grabbed from Dad's house. It's very old, so old that the insulation on the battery leads was brittle. Bend the wire, expose more conductor--no. So I tore into the thing and got to work on it.

First, identified where + and - went, then removed the battery leads. Salvaged the terminal clips; they'll go on a new piece of wire. Second, had a gander at the power cord, and the exposed wires had the same disease as the battery leads. Removed the power cord, cut it back, exposed more wire and found it flexible, so I re-used the power cord rather than replace it. Had a bit of a time getting the strain relief back through the front panel, but the input side's done. Today I'm going to go get about six feet of 16 AWG stranded wire and finish the repair. Then I'll get to see if it works....

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