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#5658: Yeah, getting tired of the whole Russia-FBI thing, too.

Mark Steyn on the dead horse Democrats keep beating.

Marco Rubio asked Comey, "Do you ever wonder why, of all the things in this investigation, the only thing that's never been leaked is the fact that the [P]resident was not personally under investigation,...?"

I'm sure it's been leaked plenty, but the press (as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat party) is uninterested in reporting that fact.

Steyn's article confirms what I suspected about this story all along: it's nothing. It's a nothing sandwich with nothing on it, served on an empty plate with a side of nothing, with your choice of nothing salad or nothing soup, and a slice of nothing pie for dessert. Nothing is what Trump's opponents have here, a big fat zero.

...but it's all they have, so they are continuing to pound that dead horse. This massive wad of nothing is the only thing they have, so they are going to lie and pound and screech about it in a vain attempt to make the nothing into something they can hang Trump with.

Steyn's article talks about what happens if they did get Trump: they'd go after Pence next, and then Pence's VP, and on and on. It's what they'd do, but six months into Trump's first year in office they still haven't got anything. They desperately want Trump's firing of Comey to be something, but it's not, and there's no way to construe it into anything. If Trump's firing of Comey was the first-ever instance of a sitting President firing an FBI director--but it's not, and other than Comey's firing the next most recent example was when Bill Clinton fired the FBI director in 1994. There is nothing here.

Lefties gathering in bars to watch Comey's testimony before Congress were sorely disappointed at the massive nothing that Democrats have on Trump. They thought they'd be getting a new President; instead they got a cold dash of the reality that this whole FBI business is NOTHING.

It's nothing, it was never anything, it will never be anything, because IT'S NOTHING.

I just don't know how many times I can say it.

But they still keep trying.

* * *

So, on YouTube--that guy who bought a go-kart for $50 at a yard sale, the guy who buys motorcycles etc and fixes them up? Apparently in 2012 he bought a 2004 Ford F-150 for $200. Gorgeous truck, very little rust, the only real obvious deficit being that the power moon roof was jammed open and had been sealed with duct tape. Well-kept, clean interior, one bad wear spot in the upholstery. Tonneau cover over the bed, bed done with Rhinoliner. Virtually no rust at all, did I mention that? Not bad for an 8-year-old truck.

Owner put it up for sale because he'd driven it some ungodly distance since buying it new (one owner!), the transmission lost overdrive, and the mechanic said, "$2,000 for a reman trans, plus labor." Instead of having it repaired, the owner put it up for sale; it was sitting by the road for about an hour when this guy bought it.

He did some research and found that in certain years of the F-150, there's a servo in the transmission which has a circlip to retain it, and sometimes that circlip breaks. The pieces of the clip end up in the valve body, interfering with operation of the transmission. So this guy puts the truck on his lift, drops the transmission pan and filter. Right away he sees that yeah, that circlip is broken, so he drops the valve body. Sure enough, there's a piece of circlip interfering with the plunger that regulates engagement of overdrive, so he wiggles that bit out with a pair of needle-nose pliers and makes sure the valve body is free of other obstructions. That done, he goes to the Ford dealership for a new clip.

It took one $3 part to fix the transmission.

$2.71 for the part, about $80 worth of the correct transmission fluid, tax and such--and once reassembled the truck shifted just fine.

Now, a vehicle in the shape that one was in probably would fetch $4k in any reasonable market. Sure, it's got high miles, but it was obviously well-kept and can probably go twice as far before something craps out on it. This guy said he paid a total of $305 for it after all the work was done, and he then sold it on to someone else. He never did say what he sold it for, but if it was less than a couple of grand he was being nice to the buyer.

Even considering four or five hours of labor at $60 an hour, he must have made a bucket on that thing. Dang.

* * *

That, incidentally, is what I don't like about automatic transmissions. A $3 part breaks and it's two thousand dollars to fix it if you hire it done.

* * *

Well, it's Sunday and ninety degrees outside. The motorcycle parts sit on my desk, waiting for me to do something with them. First, I need breakfast, though.

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