atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5660: Knock-on effects

I was exceptionally stiff last night. Mrs. Fungus brought home chicken, which saved my life, and we ate dinner and re-watched Rick and Morty eps and laughed.

Today is going to be another hot one. At 9:22 it's 84° outside; projected high is 92° and I'm not surprised at all. The entire next week looks to be about the same.

But today, while I am feeling the typical effects of yesterday's exertions, I am neither stiff nor sore. I just have the mild discomfort of muscles which were exerted and now need time to recuperate: the sensation of physical labor done well. It's too satisfying to be a bad feeling, particularly as it means that next time I'll be that much more capable of doing.

* * *

While sorting junk, I came across an alarm clock/radio that had been the bane of my existence in Cedar Rapids, until it stopped working as an alarm clock. The clock still worked, the radio still worked, but when you set the alarm it wouldn't actually go off any longer. After getting a new one, I'd set this one up in my living room, on top of the stereo amp. The VCR clock was invisible from across the room--I forget what the model was, but it was a very fancy Sony VCR with a backlit LCD, and the numbers were perhaps 1/2" tall--and I didn't have a cable box, so that rectified a need.

From that entire box of stuff, I saved three things: a small padded envelope, that clock, and a model rocket I built in the mid-1980s. Everything else in it, including the box itself, was disposed of.

Anyway, I plugged it in and tuned it to WLS-FM, and for the last half-hour of my work I had music in the garage. When I later went outside to gloat, and switched on the bench light, it popped up with a rerun of Casey Kasem's top hits show from 1979 or 1981 or sometime in the early Devonian era.

The rocket I saved was the Scrambler II, which is a rocket designed to lift an egg--hence the name--so it has a payload section on it. All the other rockets in the box were damaged to one extent or another, and I'm still following the rule that if a model rocket is busted or incomplete, it's trash. One of the rockets, when I pulled out the nose cone, turned out to be stuffed with sunflower seed hulls. Some rodent made a nest in one of my rockets! WTF!

Anyway, S2 was neither broken nor trash, nor had it served as a mobile home for a mouse, so I saved it and put it on a high shelf. Heh.

The point behind an "egglofter" like S2 is the challenge of launching a fragile payload and safely recovering it, and what better payload for that purpose than an egg? I never tried it, myself; the one time I launched a payload, it was a Lego minifigure (dubbed "Mr. Astronaut") in a clear film canister--only the payload bay was not sealed and the ejection charge blew the nose cone off, not incidentally propelling Mr. Astronaut onto his own private re-entry trajectory, one without a parachute. My friends and I recovered the rocket but not the nose cone; a friend of ours who lived in the area later found the nose cone. (Mr. Astronaut was assumed to have perished.)

The rocket has enough payload capacity that with today's technology one could put a quite sophisticated electronics package into the thing. It would just need to weigh less than an egg, is all, and I don't think that would be very difficult. Heh.

* * *

Anyway, that's the update. Thrillsville.

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