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#5662: 96 friggin' degrees

Neighbor's AC being worked on this morning--last night I could hear the fan motor in the evaporator unit going "bzzz" "bzz" like it wasn't able to start. That fan was making a hellacious racket a few days ago, so I expect it needs a new motor. Fun.

Went to two stores trying to find a case of Dasani for my wife--it's the water-flavored water she prefers--and couldn't find any. Other brands are well-stocked; that one's out. WTF.

Also went to a nearby industrial supply place to get bearings for the bike. Peace of mind is going to cost me about $40. Shipping the other set of bearings back to the vendor probably is not cost-effective--I'd spend $5 to ship back a $10 set of bearings--so I'll just keep it on hand as a spare for the front, not that I ever expect to need one. These are sealed bearings and they tend to last a long time if not abused. *sigh*

I looked up a guide to bearing part numbers and found that the "Z" merely means one side has a shield installed. The replacement set is sealed, so there's no real issue there. There is absolutely nothing special about the original equipment wheel bearings, which is nice, because that means you can get the damned things just about anywhere as long as you have the part number.

It makes sense. Why reinvent the wheel (so to speak) when there's a perfectly acceptable part available in industrial quantites for a few dollars a unit? One that can be had anywhere in the world the motorcycle is likely to be used, and is equally likely to be available for a long time after 90% of the motorcycles using them have been scrapped?


* * *

The other day we were trying to make some sense out of Mrs. Fungus' late father's stamp collection. We repackaged it in a smaller container and threw away useless dreck (like several boxes full of the glassine envelopes stamp collectors use). Mrs. Fungus came across a book of stamp value and had trouble with "philatelist", so I pronounced it for her.

Me: Anyway, you know what they say: philately will get you nowhere.
Me: Are you kidding? That joke is ancient!

There isn't a lot of value here. We contacted someone for an appraisal; having seen some sample images of what we have, he told us that anything minted after about 1935 can be used as postage because it simply isn't worth anything more than face value. The first-day covers are worth their weight in newspaper. Basically, he told us that when Dad was enjoying his hobby, that was the main value of the collection.

...but we didn't show him everything; we just shot a random sample. There are books in there with some older stuff, and in fact I found some stamps from Nazi Germany and from the Weimar Republic, including strikeovers (stamps that had their original value changed due to hyperinflation). I don't expect anything in that box to be worth a lot of money, but certainly some of it must be worth more than face value. But it's not going to be like the news stories, "$10 million stamp found in old collection!..."

So, philately didn't get Dad anywhere. Heh.

* * *

"By the beginning of December 1923, a domestic letter cost 50,000,000,000 Marks to mail,..." Dang. Heinlein talked about buying a 500,000,000,000 Mark note for an American nickel. How's that for an exchange rate? Ten trillion Marks to the dollar!

* * *

During yesterday's slog through the pile, I somehow knocked a little skin off my left middle finger, at the side between it and my ring finger, up near the first joint from the tip. It's a scrape, and it formed a little bit of a scab. I only noticed it today because when my ring finger brushes against it, my brain interprets the sensation as "you need to cut the nail on your ring finger". I actually caught myself biting that nail while doing my errands today, which is how I noticed the scrape in the first place. The human brain sure is weird.

* * *

BLM blocks gay pride demonstration. Somebody get me some popcorn!

* * *

Attention Arizona Republican voters: STOP VOTING FOR JOHN MCCAIN WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??

* * *

The bearings will be available for pickup tomorrow after 8 AM. That'll be fine. I can't ride the bike until I get that stator replaced, and since it's at least $120 for that it'll be a little while. But I'll get the bearings and put 'er back together, anyway, so that when I can ride the bike I don't have that little niggling doubt at the back of my head about Wasn't that rear bearing kind of iffy...?

For grins I washed the 35-year-old grease out of the bearing with laquer thinner, then re-lubricated it with fresh grease. Even with the fresh grease it feels a

Thinking about the bike and its charging system--I'd bet this is why it's been doing what it does, where it abruptly decides not to run any longer. It runs on the battery until it goes completely flat, and the generator only puts out 6 volts, which isn't enough to run the ignition system. That's also probably what killed the battery in the bike, too, other than age (new in 9/2011, it was four years old in 8/2015).

Oh, and incidentally, in that very post:
So: the battery in the bike has died almost completely, to the point that it won't run unless the engine is running above a certain speed. My big fear is that the generator/alternator/stator/WTF-ever has lost its efficacy, which would be moderately expensive and a big pain in the ass to repair, but since I know the battery has been iffy for quite some time now, that's going to be my first resort.
It's the stator. *sigh*

Plus side, replacing the stator is not, in fact, a big pain in the ass. It's actually pretty easy. So I've got that going for me.

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