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#5664: Voyage of the SS Trofim Lysenko postponed due to climate change

That dang global warming made too much arctic ice last winter. Research vessel S.S. Begging The Question was being escorted by icebreaker CCGS Amundsen, but Amundsen was needed to assist some ships pass through ice in the Strait of Belle Isle.

There's too much ice in the Arctic for it to be navigable, even as we're approaching the boreal summer solstice, and global warming researchers blame it on global warming. Of course.

* * *

"Battle of the bulge is global, and experts blame junk food and kid-aimed food ads." That's because the "experts" are passing the buck and not accepting responsibility for telling us, over the past four decades, to:
1) substitute vegetable oils for saturated fats
2) Use margarine instead of butter
3) Eat the leanest possible cuts of meat
4) Reduce fat intake to bare minimum and eat carbohydrates
1) wasn't so bad, although vegetable oils turn out not to be as good for you as saturated fats are. 2) was bad because the process of hydrogenating vegetable oil produces trans-fats, which are the worst fats for you. 3) leads you to eat more because it takes more food to sate your appetite; and 4) raises the glycemic index, which leads to obesity and diabetes.

Prior to all this nonsense, the "experts" told us to limit our carbohydrate intake if we didn't want to get fat, and that turns out to be the best course. Regardless, the food industry continues to push "low fat" foods, and the only way to make low fat food taste good is to liberally dose it with fast carbohydrates, which in turn make you fat and diabetic.

It's not junk food; it's junk science which is to blame.

* * *

A proper Christian response to an injustice.
It is not me they hate, or, at least, not me for my own sake. It is Christ. I am not their judge. I have no authority over them. I cannot shed the unwelcome light to make them see their own corruption. He is. He has. He can.
* * *

Vox Day blockquotes the Guardian, which apparently can get it right once in a while, like a stopped clock. The article in question is how the financial sector stuffed their handling of the 2008 financial crisis, choosing to believe their models rather than face reality.

* * *

Last night's ep of American Gods was highly annoying. An entire episode wasted on explaining how Sweeney the Leprechaun got to America from Ireland. That wouldn't be so bad, but the music selected for the episode was a melange of 1950s rock'n'roll, played much louder than the dialogue and overlaying events taking place in the 17th century. They literally spent an hour on it, telling the tale at a glacial pace.

That wouldn't be a problem if there were a decent number of episodes in the season. You know, maybe a full cour of 13 episodes? Or maybe a double cour of 26? But there are eight eps in the first season--eight!--and the producers chose to waste 12% of their screen time this season on--on what?

Telling the tale of an irish girl who is transported to America, lives a reasonably long time, and dies. But she's why Sweeney the Leprechaun is in America! Sweeney himself appears for a total of five minutes in the entire forty-minute sequence, and there is nothing in that time frame which furthers the plot or even lends any character development whatsoever.

It was a truly boring and annoying episode, which is really unusual for this series. Hope it doesn't become a habit.

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