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#5665: AH! That's why.

Today it is murderously hot outside. Hotter than yesterday, which was hotter than Sunday. Hot as in "WTF I thought I lived in a temperate zone, not the tropics!"

Just now looked at the weather site, saw the temperature at 93°, and said, "No f-ing way," until I saw the dew point: 72°.

"Ah!" I said. "That's why!"

As they say, it's not the heat; it's the humidity.

They're saying that next week it'll be ten degrees cooler. This, by the way, is why Americans need electricity to be as cheap as possible; you can live without AC in summertime but it sure gets unpleasant fast.

* * *

Last night we ordered pizza from Chicago Dough Company. It's the best pizza in the area, bar none, and their deep dish is amazing, lots of cheese and a really great sauce. I hied myself out to pick it up.

Got there, pizza was just out of the oven; brought it home, opened it up...pepperoni, jalapeno, and spinach...?

"This is not what I ordered," Mrs. Fungus said.

Who the fuck orders pepperoni, jalapeno, and spinach pizza? What is wrong with you people??

She called them, they said "Keep that one and we'll get you one the right way," so I ate a couple bites of that weird-ass pizza to stave off impending hypoglycemia and then went out again for pizza. Although I'd picked off the jalapenos from the three bites I ate, my mouth burned almost all the way to the parlor.

The correct pizza was extra-tasty by comparison, made with sensible toppings: sausage, green pepper, and bacon. I could have eaten the incorrect pizza had it not been for the jalapenos, but thanks to having to avoid spicy foods during my twenties I lost most of my conditioning for spicy foods. I used to eat pepperoncini out of the jar, but even those are too hot for me now. Jalapenos are right out.

And if I eat too many jalapenos, twelve hours later I want to repurpose fudgsicles as suppositories...and that's the pleasant part of the resulting explosion.

They do not agree with me. That pizza went into the trash.

So today--having run my errands--I'm eating leftover pizza and trying to cool off, because by habit I set the thermostat at 77° during the day. The computer room runs a bit warmer, but a fan helps me stay comfortable. We crank it down to 74° at bedtime so we can sleep comfortably.

* * *

Picked up the bearings for the bike's rear wheel. After the heat of the day has broken I'll probably try installing them and see how I do. Also, I still have to swap out the Jeep's serpentine belt. But that's later, after things cool off a bit. It's too hot outside to do anything: the heat index has hit 100°.

* * *

AND the power just failed. Perfect timing!

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