atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#566: NYT gives special discount rate

Their childish "General betray us" ad cost them about $116,000 less than you or I would pay for a full-page ad in the New York Times, according to this New York Post article.

And speaking of the childish stupidity, I realized that I knew how to do that, too: or

Maybe now that Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal he'd be willing to give me the special discount rate.

No, probably not. He's a businessman; he's interested in making money, not trading away a major newspaper's elite status for the sake of a minor political zinger.

What is interesting about this little revelation is what it leaves the Times open to: if another political organization--one that the Times doesn't like--asks for that rate and doesn't get it, can they sue?

My dream scenario would be for some organization of black Republicans to ask for that rate, have the request denied, and then charge NYT with racism. That would be awesome.

In any event, the New York Times has demonstrated that they're willing to give discounts to political organizations they agree with. If this does not demonstrate left-leaning bias to you, I fail to understand what will.

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