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#5669: Democrats' climate of hate rears its ugly head

So, a Democrat and Bernie Sanders supporter attempted to assassinate Republicans today.

Now-deceased shooter managed to wound a few Republicans before being shot to death. Governor of Virginia and former Democrat party chairman Terry McAuliffe immediately removed all doubt by claiming that there are too many guns "on the streets" and 93 million Americans die each day due to gun violence.

Let's get his exact wording as quoted by CBS: "There are too many guns ob the street. We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence." That's some statistic you're citing there, governor.

CBS tweeted that risible statement, then deleted the tweet. That's a quote; isn't it newsworthy that McAuliffe emitted such a howler? I mean, if he were a Republican, you'd leave it up.

That's at AoSHQ along with a bunch of other information.

The constant drumbeat of anti-Republican hatred that comes from the left in this country--the Democrats and the media--is what led this dickless moron to travel from southern Illinois to Virginia to try to kill Republican officials.

Facebook deleted his page but the Internet is forever and the guy's page was nothing but 100% anti-Republican hatred.

You can see the Democrat culture of hatred on display here.

Francis Porretto outlines the Democrat culture of hate and how it led to today's Democrat atrocity:
1) The storm of vicious, utterly unprincipled denunciations of the Republicans by the Democrats, out of their fury over having been beaten and a hunger for partisan advantage;
2) The de facto legitimization of street violence offered by left-wing groups such as AntiFa and Black Bloc, nearly none of which has been accurately reported by the media.
The media and the Democrats share the same culture of hate, and tacitly agree with the methods used by the felonious rioters in antifa and the black bloc because those methods are employed against their political enemies.

And of course Democrat-inspired anti-freedom laws prevented armed citizens from protecting themselves, because Democrats like it when a criminal shoots a lot of people (as long as those people are not prominent Democrats). As Terry McAuliffe proved, in the wake of such violence they can immediately call for further restrictions on peoples' rights and freedoms.

I have not seen anything in the news yet showing Democrats denouncing the results of their culture of hate, let alone taking responsibility for promoting the violence that comes from their hatred.

* * *

Okay, that's it for the "using their own rules against them" part of the post.

As Denninger noted, one lawfully-armed citizen with a handgun could have stopped the carnage before it was well begun. How long did it take the security teams on site to respond and take out the shooter?

...but it doesn't really sound as if this Democrat moron knew what he was doing. He managed to wound a couple people. Representative Scalise got shot in the hip; that makes sense if you're aiming at the head but fail to take gravity into account. His sights may not have been zeroed for the distance he was shooting. Look: back when I still had it (thanks, Illinois FOID law) my Mossberg .22 rifle had sights which were pretty much dead-on shooting at 50 feet. Double that distance, though, and with the rifle pointed at the bullseye, the bullet would hit the target below that point. You have to be able to estimate the range to target and account for both windage and gravity when shooting. Bullets don't act like laser beams.

I mean, I'm glad he didn't know what he was doing--he didn't kill anyone--but considering that the kind of people drawn to leftist politics in America usually don't know how to do useful things like change a car battery or hit a target at 50 meters, but only know how to complain and screech, that's not terribly surprising.

"Thanks, Illinois FOID law"--this useless extrusion was able to buy a firearm in Illinois, but I'm not, because I'm not allowed to have the piece of paper that graciously lets me exercise my Constitutional right to self-protection. (See Fungus posts in May-June 2011 for explanation.) Plus side, I should be able to get my rights back once I can cough up $1,500 for legal fees. And then, as an extra F-U, I'm going to get my CCW permit. (Not that I actually intend to carry, because that's a huge responsibility, but I want the piece of paper.)

After all, Democrat Terry McAuliffe says 93 million Americans die every day to gun violence. I don't want to be a statistic!

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