atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5670: Cook County Democrats are idiots beyond compare.

Today, running errands:

Over the past few days I've left the stereo in the Jeep on, set to 94.7 FM because--between commercial marathons, anyway--they play the music of my youth. I have not heard much on that station that was popular after about 1990, so with a few exceptions it feels as if I've tuned in to 94.7 sometime in the mid-1980s.

"Commercial marathon"--on my way back to the pizza parlor the other night, that's when I switched the stereo on, at 9:40 PM. Between then and the time I got home at 10:02 PM, they played four songs; the rest was nothing but commercials. The last of them was still playing as I got home, having started only at 10.

And people wonder why I rarely listen to the radio.

But I left it on, rather than turn it off, and so today I heard a commercial talking about the tax on soft drinks which Cook County will put into effect as of July 1. First I've heard of it. It's $0.01 per ounce, and Cook County naturally expects it to raise some ludicrous amount of money because they're basing the income on how much people buy soda without the tax, pretending that taxing economic activity has no effect on it, as they always do.

A two liter bottle is a bit more than two quarts--64 ounces--which means a $0.89 bottle of soda will cost $1.57 after taxes. A six-pack of 16.9 ounce bottles? Well, on sale I typically get them for $3; that's going to run an extra dollar, so it'll cost four dollars a six-pack at the cash register. Usually one of the two stores nearest the bunker, Walt's and Jewel, will have it on sale, but Jewel's price is usually about $3 for a six-pack...or will be until July 1.

So now I'm going to have three choices when Walt's doesn't have Pepsi on sale but Jewel does:

1) Pay $4.29 for a six-pack at Walt's.
2) Pay $4 for a six-pack at Jewel.
3) Drive to the Jewel in Indiana and buy Pepsi there.

I can't go to the nearest Walmart (where Pepsi is usually cheaper) because--guess what!--it's in Cook County, so Pepsi there will run $3.50 a six-pack. Drive about as far as to the Jewel in Indiana to save half as much on a six-pack. Yeah.

Even better, though?

If you're buying that Pepsi with food stamps, you don't pay the tax.

Let me say that again:

If you're buying that Pepsi with food stamps, you don't pay the tax.

Yeah. You only pay the tax on soft drinks if you're not getting a government handout.

People getting food stamps shouldn't be spending that money on soda pop; they should be spending it on food. Why do they get out of the tax on a luxury item? In fact, why do they get out of paying sales tax solely by virtue of being given money by the government to buy food?

Cook County's first big idea was to emplace the tax on distributors, like Philadelphia did; that way they could blame the ensuing price increase on "greed" the way the Philadelphia assholes did. But then it turned out they can't do that, because the price increase would then be taxed at the regular sales tax rate, effectively being a tax on a tax which--to my unabashed surprise--is somehow illegal in Illinois.

This state has been run by Democrats since the Paleoproterozoic era. How did they let that law slip past them?

In any case, this stupid tax isn't going to generate any $74 million. They're exempting half the population of the county from it (the ones on SNAP) and the other half are just going to avoid buying soda in Cook County.

That's what makes them idiots: given the example of Philidelphia, they do exactly the same thing expecting different results.

Dumb fucks.

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