atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5677: My heart's not in it today

Yesterday was a day out with Mrs. Fungus, after which we slept.

Today is ridiculously nice, low 80s with a dew point in the upper 50s, so the windows are open and I'm going to cut the grass later on.

But I'll link a few things that caught my attention sufficiently:

Trump-assassination-by-proxy interrupted again. Good. The left does this kind of thing all the time, so it's about time we started doing it to them.

Reportedly, they find it "unsettling". Heh.

* * *

Karl Denninger explains the need for environmental and wage tariffs. Simply put, by buying foreign goods, we export employment. There needs to be a disincentive to offshoring production.

* * *

You won't notice the difference as you drive the interstates of Illinois. They'll have to shut down all road work on June 30 because IDOT doesn't have the money to pay their contractors. IDOT will naturally continue to collect their confiscatory tolls, but that money only pays bureaucrats' salaries and none is left for maintenance or anything.

I noticed that back when I commuted on 294 every day and they were widening the thing; I'd routinely drive past long stretches of nothing happening, day after day. For a couple days they'd work on a stretch; then there'd be days of nothing happening. So, business as usual, I guess.

Illinois is so boned.

* * *

Now Vir has died. Stephen Furst died. He was in a lot more than B5, of course. That's a shame. Vir was Mollari's humanizing (centauri-izing?) influence, an anchor that kept the Ambassador from turning evil. It was probably the best character Furst ever played.

* * *

It's cool enough outside that I think I'll put the motorcycle's rear wheel back on, too. Might as well do that while it's nice.

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