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#567: School Days, Sky Girls, and etc

...SD and SG, respectively, because I am lazy. Ha, ha.

SD is indeed a serial story, and it's about one set of characters. I'm glad, because I don't like anthology series all that much.

The main character, Makoto Ito, is painfully inept with women; Kotonoha Katsura is his first girlfriend. Well, Kotonoha isn't much better with guys, now that I think of it. The first episode was a real feel-good episode, and eps 2 and 3 have been a bit more angsty than I prefer. But the animation is good and the story is good, so I think it'll be a keeper regardless.

SG is indeed "Evangelion lite". The main character, Otoha Sakurano, and her cohort, are selected based on genetic compatibility with the control systems of a new breed of aerial combat machines, the Sonic Divers.

The pilot of a Sonic Diver is sprayed with a gel containing nanomachines, which act both as interface and armor for the pilot. The pilot must therefore be biologically compatible with the mechanism or she won't be able to control the machine. (I say "she" advisedly. All the pilots for these machines are young women, and the control suits are not designed for men. Recall B-ko Daitokuji's father in Project A-Ko 2, wearing his copy of B-ko's combat suit....)

It's good that the nanomachines armor the pilots, because they are otherwise armored in the Type 1 Epidermis (translation: human skin under clothing) which is not very effective at protecting one from, oh, transsonic airflow or alien weaponry.

The suits--besides being skimpy--also have little pods on the head, about where cat ears would be, and a short umbilicus coming from where a tail would be: they are effectively high-tech cat girls when they're wearing their suits. *sigh*

There are four Sonic Diver pilots; one has not been introduced by ep 3 except as a nameless adversary for one of the first three girls. If I make the correct inference looking at ANN, she's Erika von Dietrich; and judging by the OP animation she's the stereotypical overconfident and arrogant gaijin a la Soryu Asuka Langely in Evangelion.

The OP theme of the show is awful. Otherwise it's not bad, even though it's "Evangelion lite", so far.

* * *

Lucky Star continues to be amusing. LS 12 has a very funny moment in it, one which was set up in ep 11 and then not referenced or mentioned at all until the end of LS 12, and when it finally was, it was hilarious again. The creators of this series went to a great deal of trouble to make it fun, and succeeded.

In a similar vein, episode 8 of Umisho was a laugh riot. The swim team went to a tournament, and the end of the tournament was a scream. I have a strict "no-spoilers" policy so I won't say what makes it so damn funny. Just watch it.

I have not been able to force myself to watch either the last episode of Mamotte Shugogetten or another episode of Floral Magician Mary Bell. Tomorrow (Sunday the 16th) will make it two weeks since I last watched either series. Ultimately anime is supposed to be entertaining, and it's not entertainment if you have to force yourself to watch the stuff.

And we're still waiting for episode 21 of Lovely Complex. KissSub only just got the raw of ep 21 on Monday or Tuesday of last week, so there's not a lot anyone can do about it except try to be patient. Well, the life of an American anime fan is fraught with peril.

* * *

I've been reading the Someday's Dreamers manga--got through volume 3 of the tankoban not long ago--and the manga is not the story told in the anime. That's good; the story told in the anime is a reasonably faithful extension of the manga.

I now have I"s through volume 12; and having bought the last one, 15, I now need only 13 and 14 to have the entire set. I'm purposely avoiding #15 until I've read 13 and 14, of course. But as far as volume 12, it's still great stuff. And damn, the artwork! Katsura's backgrounds are incredible; I can't say that enough. And the more you know about how manga is made, the more incredible they seem. And it was a weekly! When did he sleep?

I also picked up the first volume of Ichigo Mashimaro and I'm going to keep after that one, too. It's good.

I keep wanting more Here is Greenwood but I can never find it at the bookstore. I want to have a look at Ultra Maniac but no one seems to have volume 1 in stock.

I've been slowly collecting Suzuka, too. It's sold under the Del Ray label and it's $14 per volume, so it's kind of pricey compared to other series. But it's entertaining. Same problem, though: buying the "next" volume is hard to do when the bookstore stocks one (1) copy of each volume.

Well, like I said above: the life of an American otaku is fraught with peril.

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