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#5678: Hey, it's more sequential numbers! (And, commie agitprop from the local Party council.)

It's pretty stupid, but I like it when things show sequential numbers. Like the odometer in the Jeep, yesterday, showing 164321. I get some modicum of satisfaction from it.

* * *

Sadly, I'm wasting that satisfying post number on something stupid that came with Saturday's mail. I'm not going to quote it all, but here's a bit:
Dear Parents, Friends, and Community partners of [Fungal Vale school district],

On Monday, June 5, 2017, our school community was shaken by the discovery of a hate-filled social media post of a [local socialist indoctrination center] High School student wearing a Ku Klux Klan-type mask. The post was immediately investigated by school administration, who then contacted local law enforcement to report the matter.
So let's just stop there for a moment and consider what was done, here.

Kid posts pic of himself on Facebook wearing a white hood, saying something "hate-filled". The school then reports it to the police.


There are no details given in the letter what, exactly, the kid said in his post. So I Googed it, and came up with this (autoplay warning) from one of the local news outlets.

What he said was, "3 Ks a day keeps the niggers away".

Stupid? Pretty much. But:
"This was our concern: Was this just a joke, a hoax, or was there potential for some serious problems there?" said [Fungal Vale Chief of Police].

[Fungal Vale] police said they spent hours talking with the 17-year-old student, his parents and siblings.

"By the end of a four or five hour process we were pretty satisfied that, first of all, the individual, the juvenile, that posted it, posted it to a very limited group of people thinking it was a joke, was not aware of the sensitivity of the nature and how offensive it could be found," [Chief] said.
The thing is, this response is way overblown, and for a couple of reasons.

There is a constitutional right of free speech. The kid didn't say this on a school-related site but his own Instagram account (not Facebook--way to live in the 21st century, socialized education administrator). The police aren't (or should not be, in any case) in the business of regulating speech. The correct response from police to the school should have been, "There's nothing we can do for you; he didn't say anything illegal." The quote doesn't say, "I'm going to go kill me a bunch of spades!" A guy in a white hood with the caption mentioned isn't inciting a riot or promising bloodshed. He's making a (stupid) statement. If that were illegal the damned cops would have to arrest whoever wrote this letter.

The thing to do--if anything--would have been for the school administration to handle it themselves, without involving law enforcement. But of course this isn't about anything other than crushing any resistance to the approved government narrative, which is why they got the police involved, and the police spent five hours dressing this poor kid down.

I mean, look at this: this time of turmoil [!], the [Fungal Vale] District Board of Education asks that you join us in turning our pain, anger, and confusion into resolve and collective action. WHile there may be points where we strongly disagree regarding the means to improve our educational system, the school board stands in firm agreement in fully condemning any actions that seek to propagate hate or intolerance of any kind.
"Time of turmoil"? One kid making a stupid Instagram post is a "time of turmoil"? You feel "pain, anger, and confusion" over this, rather than mild contempt for teenage stupidity?

If you do, you're an idiot. You should not be allowed to vote, much less be involved in educating children. Because ultimatly that's all this is: it's a teenager being an idiot, which is what they do, and it's the job of high school faculty not to descend to their level, but to be the adults.

The author of this nonsense wants "collective action" which is a phrase right out of the communist playbook. She can stick that shit in her ear.

The next sentence after that risible paragraph begins, "[Fungal Vale school district] has and always will be an extraordinary place," but the only thing that makes it extraordinary is how amazingly banal it is. There is, and never has been, anything extraordinary about the schools here except for how powerfully useless they are, how badly run they are, how much of a waste of money they are. Property taxes are ludicrously high in the Fungal Vale, and for what? A school faculty which collectively wets its pants when a stupid teenager makes a single post in Instagram, and the only thing they can think to do about it is to violate a kid's civil rights and then write, print, and distribute an open letter to every address in the school district. The same school district which--like every other socialized school system in the United States--is always crying about how they just don't have enough money.

"This isn't going to be easy," the letter concludes, "but together with you and our entire school community, we can begin to build the bridges that our children can one day learn to cross." What the fuck is that shit? One stupid kid says "nigger" on Instagram and we're back to Jim Crow? Our society has spent fifty years doing things your way, and we're still working on building the bridges?

This letter is chock-full of the kind of horseshit that I was rolling my eyes at in 1983. It hasn't gotten any better, and in fact I'd wager it's probably only gotten worse since then. This letter has more stupid leftist asshattery per square inch than anything I've read in a long time. It reeks of the soft totalitarianism that pervades the entire school system of this country.

Well, guess what, assholes? There is still plenty of racism out there, but you ignore it. It's the racism of blacks against whites, and there is a lot more of it than you pretend there is. And when it happens, the school doesn't call "local law enforcement" to have the racist dressed down for five hours; they ignore it.

Oh, and there's an interesting point from that last one: "...[H]e suggests that white people need to fear blacks so much that they believe 'death could come for them at any moment.'" Now, when I was younger, a white person with that attitude was denounced as raciss. So which is it? Do you want us to treat you like civilized people, or do you want us to treat you like incontinently violent savages? Believe me, you do not want it to be the latter. And in order for it not to be the latter, you need to act like the former.

Believe me, Mr. Anti-white Racist, you do not want white people to "fear" black people the way you're suggesting, because that state of affairs won't last very long. And it will not resolve in your favor.

The other point: the Ku Klux Klan was created by Democrats. The slavery issue became a crisis in antebellum America because of Democrats. The south seceded because of Democrats. Jim Crow laws were instituted by Democrats. Segregation was maintained by Democrats.

That is what's behind expunging the historical record; that is why any mention of the KKK is anathema to the left. It's their history.

Do you think that if the Republicans had created the KKK it would be such a taboo subject? Hell no; they'd be celebrating it as the centerpiece of their daily two minutes' hate. They don't dare mention the KKK because it was made up by Democrats, and the Democrat party is the party of slavery and racism and intolerance and violence.

The letter from the Fungal Vale school district is chock-full of high-sounding phrases about diversity and tolerance and the usual nonsense, but you let a kid show up at that school wearing a t-shirt saying that abortion is murder and see how long they let him wear it. What they want--what they demand--is conformity, absolute devotion to leftist principles with no dissent allowed.

...which is why any kids I ever have will not go to public school.

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