atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5680: Oh, what does it mean???

Sitting at the computer, filling out some job applications and waiting for my laundry to finish so I can throw it in the dryer and get a shower, when I hear it begin to rain.

Earlier I rode my bicycle "uptown" to have a gander at cruise night, and it rained slightly; when I got home I looked at the weather site and saw the entire area's had popcorn showers all day. In general it's been a gorgeous, gorgeous day, cool and breezy with lots of big fluffy clouds in an amazingly blue sky, the Platonic ideal of an early summer day. But it's also rained here and there, nothing major. And just now one of those little popcorn showers came through here.

I looked up and saw bright golden sunlight shining through the rain, and knew There's gonna be a rainbow! so I grabbed my camera and headed for the back patio.

I was getting there just as the rainbow was beginning to become visible. It wasn't there yet as I went out the back door, but then there, east by northeast, it was showing, and as I watched it stretched across the sky.

And then, the second-order rainbow began forming, and it stretched across the sky! A complete second-order rainbow!


I've never seen a complete second-order rainbow before. I've seen complete first-order rainbows with chunks of the second showing, never two complete rainbows hanging there. That just made my day!

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