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#5687: Maybe a little too proud of that one.

So, as noted in a prior post, I went to the garage to get the old metal Dremel box, so I could confine my soldering tools to it.

Well, the 15W grounded iron won't fit in the box, not with:
* 30/15W iron
* Desoldering iron
* Stand
* 3 spools of solder
...already stuffed into it. But considering that I never use it (because my main iron heats faster and has a 15W setting already) I'm not all that worried about it anyway.

Then I went after the little SteriLite 4-drawer thingy next to my desk to clean and organize it. I was kind of dismayed at the pile I had when I pulled everything out of it. Holy crap, no wonder I had trouble closing the drawers with all that shit in there.

So then I sorted the crap and organized it, then started putting it away again.

Top drawer: tools. Nothing but tools and small parts in the top drawer. I put fresh batteries in my Dymo labeler and printed a label for the top drawer: TOOLS. Done.

Next: BATTERIES AND USB DRIVES. "Batteries" is self-explanatory. "USB DRIVES" means anything that's related to a USB drive; since I have an external interface and four external drives, their fiddlybits went into that drawer, along with all my thumb drives and SD cards.

Next: CABLES. All cables, AV cables, USB cables, monitor cables, HDMI cables.

Next: MISC. All the stuff I didn't want to store elsewhere but won't fit in any of the other three drawers. Mainly it's computer parts, things like video cards, a mouse, a webcam, that kind of thing. Three headsets, some other stuff.

I took a double-handful of 75 ohm coax cables and put it into my parts box downstairs. I hardly use coax any longer; everything's connected with HDMI or AV signal cables now.

I took ALL the ethernet cables and put them in a box labeled "ETHERNET CABLES" with the Dymo, and put it in an obvious place in the basement, with my other computer stuff.

I took all the old devices--cell phones, cameras, PDAs, Aluratek e-readers--and put them in a box downstairs, near the other box, labeled "OLD DEVICES". (The Nintendo DS is in the MISC drawer, though.)

But in the morasse, I found a halogen under-cabinet light Mom bought in 2008. She'd wanted something under the cabinet by the fridge for extra light, and she tried both LED and halogen versions. She preferred the LED, so the halogen one was knocking around my parts bin for a while. Tonight, I stuck it to the underside of my desk with double-sided tape and rearranged cables so I could plug it in by the computer. Now, when I drop something under my desk, I no longer need a flashlight; I just turn that under-desk light on and it's lit like a football stadium under there.

I may be a bit too proud of that. I keep turning it on just to admire it.

But when I was at Fry's the other day I saw, for $10, LED strips you can plug into the USB port on your computer and light whatever you want; I thought that might be a good idea but for the fact that you needed to unplug it to turn it off. This is more convenient, and has the advantage of costing me nothing but about $0.01 worth of double-sided tape. So, win.

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