atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5689: Why must I sweat so profusely?

John Book, we are building a wood crib today.

Looking over the wood I had on hand, I didn't think I'd be able to do it without buying more. Then I took a closer look and saw what I had to hand:
1 2x4, 8'
1 1x4, 8'
2 1x6, 6'
...and that rather neatly matched the BOM for what I wanted to build, so off I went.

The design is dead simple. Two rails of 1x4, 4 feet long, spaced 8" apart with pieces of 2x4. Two 12" pieces of 2x4 screwed to the spacers to act as feet. At each end, two 3' pieces of 1x6, screwed to the 1x4 with 4" square pieces of 2x4 for strength (and also because I don't have any short wood screws). The 1x6 risers will also be spaced with 8" lengths of 2x4, probably about two feet above the rails.

It should be extremely sturdy and last 2-3 years. Longer if I go get some kind of varnish for it. But if I do that, that varnish will represent the total invenstment I have in the project but for the time it takes me to build it.

What a marvelous thing! Not only am I doing this with stuff I already had on hand; I knew where it all was and could actually get to it because of the work I did on the garage. The wood, the power tools, the screws, everything I'm using was in its place and accessible with a minimum of horseshit.

The only fly in the ointment is the fact that we've got gorgeous, gorgeous weather today, yet I am sweating like a pig. I'm on the back patio, no direct sunlight, there's a breeze, the dew point is fifty and it's a mere 80 degrees outside. That's 35% relative humidity. It's not hot out nor is it even uncomfortable yet I'm sweating as if it were 102 with 99% humidity!

The power tools are doing all the hard work. I'm just measuring, marking, cutting, drilling, driving--using power tools--yet I'm sweating as if I'm digging a ditch!

I go inside, I sit down to have a snack; it's warmer here than outside--and now I'm not sweating at all.

It must be the brain. My brain is running at full speed, and that is why. But WTF the human brain dissipates 42 watts, and there's no way in hell me engaging in a little casual carpentry is enough to tax my intellect. But it makes sense. Man, what a world it is where I sweat my ass off even when it's not hot outside. This is dicks.

But the crib is going to be great. It'll let me get all the firewood off the patio without me just dumping it somewhere. I'm looking forward to having a clean patio.

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