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#5692: The problem with Chicago

Three posts, all recent and from Second City Cop, which is not a blog I regluarly read because...well, for reasons I have trouble defining; perhaps it ought to be on the blogroll.

But these three posts, I think, neatly encapsulate the problem Chicago has, the whole reason it's a festering third-world shithole of crime and urban rot.

This one starts with a Watchmen reference but discusses an all-night party held on Father's Day and into the early Monday morning by some thousand gangbangers.

1,000 gang members. How many police? About fifty.

How do you expect the police to enforce the law at such an event? You have a thousand people who are, by definition, criminals, versus fifty cops. Even if none of the gangsters is armed, what happens if a cop has to shoot someone? The rest of the crowd could trundle right over all the police in an instant.

50 cops for a 1,000-person crowd isn't anything but a token effort. And it's all the Chicago PD could send. "What exactly are the police supposed to do?" He asks.

Especially given that should there be any violence resulting in a cop shooting a gang member, there will be video of it on all the news shows almost immediately, and there will be riots in the ghettoes, and a huge political stink about how sixteen-year-old Varajayon Mohammed Jones was a "nice kid" who was "gettin' it together" despite his twelve priors and lifetime membership in the [Really Bad Gang]. The cop will probably go to jail; if he avoids that he'll certainly never work in law enforcement again.

Until law enforcement is given the wherewithal to, y'know, enforce the law, this kind of horseshit will continue. Certainly the Democrat government of Chicago has shown zero interest in restoring law and order to vast swaths of the shithole; every once in a while one of the machine politicians will get up and give lip service to the notion, but nothing ever changes. The idea is control, not law and order, and seeing as it's just proles who end up being victims, it suits the Machine fine to let the gangs run things at the street level.

* * *

Related: Politicians act as if we can't go somewhere else. More about the soda tax Cook County enacted, which takes effect in one week, and which will make sure that as many people as possible don't buy soda in Cook County.

* * *

Temps in the 70s, very low humidity. Instead of doing anything, we slept in and luxuriated in it. Sometimes you just gotta do it.

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