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#5693: Two incorrect statements, followed by stupidity, and then a hair of common sense at the end.

Buried in this Arse Technica article about the National Institude of Standards there is an incorrect statement. A caption for a photograph from 9/11 says:
The impact of the aircraft dislodged fire-proofing insulation from the towers' steel columns, making them vulnerable to heat.
This is incorrect. The insulation was purposely removed because it contained asbestos.

* * *

"There is a problem, however--bathroom signage is largely predicated on the idea that there are two rigid genders which all humans must be sorted into, and they're defined by whether you're wearing pants or a dress." Incorrect. There are two sexes, male and female. A person who claims to be anything else is either a) a congenital hermaphrodite, or b) delusional.

In the former case, the person's sex characteristics will favor one or the other sexes, and presumably he will use the bathroom which applies to that sex. In the former case, the person is in need of psychotherapy and possibly medication, but is still going to be either one or the other sex.

There is no problem here. There is just the manifestation of stupidity.

* * *

Speaking of delusional, and the manifestation of stupidity, HOLY SHIT YOU'RE AN IDIOT AND DELUSIONAL AS FUCK.

Let me clear this shit up for you: you are neither Slytherin nor Ravenclaw, nor any of the other houses of Hogwart's, because they don't exist and neither does Hogwart's.

* * *

"Apparently what Western Civilization is lacking the most is female rappers, female soccer players, and people who can make homemade kites." This is known as "reaching", when you try to tell people that importing a bunch of freeloaders who subscribe to a death cult is to your advantage because they bring with them all kinds of USELESS CRAP TALENTS.

If instead you bring in engineers and scientists, people who can solve the Dirac Equation in their heads before breakfast, I might agree that the risk of islamic terrorism they bring with them is worthwhile. But we have machines that can make kites by the million, we have enough soccer players, and owing to the fact that every other black kid (male or female) styles himself the next big rap sensation we especially don't need rappers.

Try again.

* * *

Vandalism by one or more students from the Dominican Republic, including the destruction of a $6,000 guitar, because they didn't like their rent. One commentor made the point that these four will never go back to the DR, but stay here, long after their visas expire.

* * *

On the decline of the media into fake news. Can't add anything to it.

* * *

If we could all do this, it would stop phone scams instantly. I don't know how much programming was required, but if what we see in that video is any example, it looks like "not bloody much".

That's pretty cool. And fitting.

* * *

Last night I test-fitted our new patio umbrella to the patio furniture I brought home from Dad's house and found that it fits perfectly. The last thing I need to do to the patio prior to the 4th of July is to whack back the bushes so more of it is usable. Those bushes haven't been pruned in a good long while. So I'll get after that and clear it up, and then powerwash the patio (I've been wanting to do that for weeks) and have a clean, clean patio.

I'm none the worse for wear after being stung, of course--no one in my family has sting allergies--and my brief worry that it might have been a bite from a brown recluse was assuaged when I realized that getting bit by a spider wouldn't hurt the way a sting from a wasp (esp. a yellowjacket) does. Both spider and wasp have venom, but the spider's venom is a necrotizing poison while the wasp venom just hurts for a while. I figure it was a yellowjacket because those assholes will sting you multiple times, and I recall at least two spikes in the affected area.

With the wasp nests hosed with Black Flag I don't think we'll have any further incidents.

...and today's the last Sunday of June. Whee!

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