atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5694: That was...rough

Last night was "Amityville Horror" night in the Fungus' subconscious. Dreamed continuously about being in this old, crumbling house (which had had some renovation done, haphazardly) with a couple of friends and looking around. It was constantly about half an hour before dark, and that weighed on the whole dream, this oppressive feeling of impending doom. The dream also contained references to epic nightmares I've had in the past for even more anxiety. So we finally get to the part I've been wanting to show to my friends (and then get out ASAP) and it's one of the parts that have been renovated. Oddly, it's been done in bamboo, like a Tiki restaurant, and Mrs. Fungus says cheerfully, "Oh, it's just like bones!" So everyone sits down to have a pleasant conversation and I'm freaking out because this is the source of the evil, not someone's living room, and someone makes a quip about how we're all screwed because today is Halloween, which I'd forgotten, and oh, look, the sun has just set. So I'm screaming at everyone that we really need to get out and they're not listening and now the ghosts are attacking--which is about where I woke up.

And you know how it is: you wake up tired and gloomy. It's going to take a while to shake that one off.

Still: not as bad as the epic nightmare I had in 1990, for which I am just as grateful, but decidedly difficult to shake off nonetheless.


* * *

As for the rest of it--feeling too beaten down and wiped out to do much commenting today.

Supreme Court unanimously reinstates Trump's travel ban because lower court overreached with its stay.

* * *

CNN posts, then retracts, a massively false story about Trump. Reportedly, people are in big trouble over it.

Breitbart, same story.

CNN is fake news.

* * *

More from the Democrats' culture of hate. They love it when Republicans are shot.

Related: they get especially unhinged when reminded of the racist roots of their party.

* * *

Flint terror suspect proves there's no "gun show loophole"; he used a knife becuase no one would sell him a gun.

* * *

Trump not hosting ramadan dinner. Why would he? Trump's not a muslim.

* * *

I don't blame Porretto for being angry. He's trying to give food to the poor.

* * *

Like it or not, robocalls are illegal.

* * *

70 is not the new 40. Don't trust anyone over 60.

* * *

And that's it for now. Sorry.

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