atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5696: The nerve of some people!

It's like men expect their girlfriends or spouses to be faithful or something.

Her twitter name is "faithful" and she's upset because her boyfriend broke up with her after he caught her...cheating on him.

* * *

The other item I have today is three links about the same thing: CNN being the Fake News Network.

The first is about three CNN employees losing their jobs after publishing an actionable story. The story alleged that "several Trump associates" were being investigated by the FBI for their possible ties to a Russian investment fund.

The story was published on the unverified assertion of one anonymous source, and it turned out not to be true. Further, there's a good possibility that the story might have left CNN open to a libel suit. CNN memory-holed the article; then, when called on it, published an official retraction.

What gets me is the market share statistics at the bottom of the article. MSNBC has twice as many prime-time viewers? MSNBC? Wow.

Then there's this, Project Veritas getting a CNN producer on video admitting that the Russia stuff is "bullshit" (his words) and that they're doing it for "ratings".

Same story, another take.

Given that their ratings are not all that spiffy, I'm thinking it's more like they're doing it because they want to damage Trump. I mean, if they're getting half the prime-time viewership that MSNBC is getting--and a scant third of Fox!--what are their ratings like absent the Trump-Russia "bullshit"?

* * *

Another ridiculously nice day today. I'm going to get too used to this, and then when the real heat of summer hits, I'll be miserable. *sigh*

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