atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5699: There's enough tracking information now

The replacment rectifier is indeed coming from the Fungal Vale.

I am irritated to see that it has been sent to Bedford Park, which is the USPS hub and sort facility for the Chicago area. I suppose it's still possible that it'll be delivered Wednesday, but now Thursday is looking more likely.

It's a shame; I could have saved the guy the cost of shipping it if he'd looked at the shipping address and said to himself, "Hey, I'll e-mail this guy and see if he wants to meet at a gas station or something."

Well, it's still going to get here damned fast, anyway. Can't really complain, and it's kind of funny that I'm getting the part from someone in the same town.

Examining the stator, I see there are several areas where the epoxy has blackened, and cracked, like dried mud. Never a good sign, this means the coils got way overheated at some point, and then shorted. Of course a shorted coil is going to look like a good coil, because the nominal resistance is only a couple of ohms. The telling point is the unloaded output voltage--6V, when it should be 75V.

Before I am done with this nonsense I'm going to be an expert at magneto-type charging systems. Shit.

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