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#5702: This only just occurred to me

Showering this morning I realized that in order to fix the bike's charging problem, I replaced the entirety of the charging system:
1) Flywheel
2) Stator
3) Rectifier/regulator
The only thing I didn't replace was the actual wires going to and from the battery, and I almost had to do that, too.

In fact I didn't need to replace the flywheel--that was a desperation move motivated purely by not wanting to buy a new stator--but I did in fact do so. And I did have to replace all the electrical components of it, as both stator and R/R had failed.

Plus side, I have a total of about $75 in the whole project. Buying NOS OEM parts would have been $YEECH! If I'd bought the parts I originally considered, it would have been around $130 for the stator and $20 for the R/R, but the R/R would have been an aftermarket part and I'm not sure it would have worked. (Factory correct aftermarket part? $85 and shipping. What happened to the "everything I want to fix is $20" thing?)

I may actually get to ride the bike this week, too.

* * *

This is amazingly stupid. You know, there are worse things than not getting attention on YouTube, such as being shot to death trying a stupid stunt.

Short form: YouTuber holds an encyclopedia book to his chest and has his girlfriend shoot him. What pistol do they use? A Desert Eagle .50 FFS. We're talking about a bullet half an inch in diameter.

You'd want something small, like a .22, but to be honest if I took all leave of my senses and wanted to replicate this stunt I'd use .25, because it's a weaker round, especially when fired from something like the Astra or a Colt pistol of that caliber.

No one deserves to die, but holy crap you're an idiot if you try to do a stunt like this with any gun.

* * *

Trump punches back and it gives everyone in the media the vapors. "It's beneath the dignity of the office." Considering that Bill Clinton was diddling interns (and worse) in the Oval Office, I don't think Trump hurling a few insults at dickhead reporters is all that bad.

And since the "Russia-gate" nonsense is falling apart, this will probably be the next big scandal. *rolleyes*

* * *

Downsizing at NYT indicates how bad it is for legacy media. After they've spent more than a hundred years pissing on our heads and telling us it's raining, I think it's about time.

* * *

Thank you, Senator Harry Reid, for clearing the way for us. Harry Reid removed the possibility of filibuster from the confirmation process, easing the way for Neil Gorsuch to be confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice, and now Justice Gorsuch is demonstrating what it looks like when a real right-winger is placed on the court.

* * *

Teenagers stole two guns and $200,000. Their familes profited mightily from this; some of their family members got new cars, or big wads of cash. "I know I'm only 16, grandma, but have $40,000!" "oh, thank you, Walter! Where did you ever get so much money?" "Well, gramma, I saved my lunch money and of course you know about my paper route!" "Oh, Walter, you're such a hard worker!"


Look: if your teenage kid (or grandson or whatever) comes up to you and gives you a new car or a wad of hundreds, and you don't ask him where the hell he got the money, you end up being charged at least for "receipt of stolen property". "I don't know where he got it!" is no defense.

"Since juveniles are punished so lightly, older criminals often recruit people under eighteen. Sometimes they recruit their own children." The name of that crime is faginy, and if it's not a hanging offense it sure as hell ought to be.

* * *

Transgendered people are upset that people don't want to have sex with them. You know, I'm going to let the post speak for itself:
They obviously are NOT "deeply, undeniably fuckable." If they were, they wouldn't have to be whining about not getting laid. What they actually are is spoiled, overindulged, mentally unbalanced freaks. And honestly? Neither of these two is even particularly good-looking, freakishness aside.

But there's no laying the freakishness aside. What this is akin to is putting on a clown suit, makeup, a big red nose, a frightwig, and big floppy shoes, walking around town, and then complaining when people point and laugh and call you a clown.
I can't blockquote the whole thing, as much as I want to.

The base issue here is that transsexuals feel that those straights and breeders still refuse to accept who I REALLY am! They identify as female, so they expect straight men to treat them as if they actually were biologically female, and deride those that do not as bigots. The problem here is that--outside of their tiny unreality bubbles--they aren't women, but men pretending they are women. Whatever your self-image may be, others are not required to adopt it.

They don't like that. They want others to be forced to adopt it, and regard as bigoted and unfair when they do not.

I used to cultivate a very lassez faire attitude: you keep your nose out of my bedroom and I'll keep my nose out of yours. But these folks insist not only in dragging my nose into their bedrooms but forcing me to approve of what they do there. Well, if you weren't shoving me into the middle of your horseshit neither of us would be inconvenienced by it. As Ann Coulter said, "'The love that dare not speak' has become 'the love that won't shut up,'" and it's tiresome.

* * *

If you do not like it when whites use things that your culture invented, kindly stop using things that whites invented. Little things, you know, like vaccines, computers, automobiles, cell phones, television, radio. You are simply appropriating white culture otherwise, and if that's wrong for us, it's wrong for you too.

* * *

Related: Movie about white men at war with other white men has "not enough minorities and women" in it. Dunkirk was Germans versus British, and WW2 happened long before it was fashionable for women to serve in the military. Nazi Germany was so white that it didn't even like some white people (like Jews) and while there arguably could have been some black men serving on the British side, they would have had british accents and there would have been damned few of them. So maybe one black guy, or Indian, out of the entire cast of the movie--including extras!--would have been an accurate racial mix for the story they're trying to tell.

* * *

Illinois, blow it out your ear. Yeah.

Denninger links a video by Susana Mendoza (D), comptroller of the Boned State, the Banana Republic State, in which she discusses the "budget crisis" which has been going on for three years and is due almost entirely to the Democrats' unwillingness to compromise. Specifically, the video is about Illinois' inability to make Medicare and Medicaid payments and how the debts are piling up.

It goes on to talk about the 5% tax rate expiring in 2015, which surprises the fuck out of me, but if that's the case, I'd bet that is the sticking point on which the Democrats refuse to budge. Having had that 5% income tax rate, they want it back, and will not cut spending to reflect the fact that the higher rate is no longer in effect.

And let me be clear: the Democrats are the ones who have to move. They always insist on having everything their way, that Republicans must compromise with them. Governor Rauner is right to stand firm; sensible budgeting is what he campaigned on, and he's doing it.

Quoth Denninger, emphasis removed:
Listen up bitch:

Yes, you, and all the other rat bastards in Illinois government.

You cannot get blood out of a stone.

You built a government system that promised the impossible. You promised "state employees" they could retire with fully-paid, lifetime medical and pension benefits at 50. You allowed them to game their pension payouts with outrageous practices such as "best earnings years" and then let them run up overtime to boost those figures, resulting in ridiculously pumped pension obligations.
With Illinois taking in about $600 million a less per month than it was spending--and with the Democrats blocking any and all attempts at a budget which reflected that fact--the state is beyond broke.

So now the "unthinkable" may happen: there won't be any money for social services, things like mental health services, "social service agencies", domestic violence shelters, and so on.

Well, guess what? It ain't all that "unthinkable" to people who have been paying a shitton of taxes for decades, including the highest property taxes in the country, for organizations suckling at the government teat to close because the state has no money. The state has been way overspending its income for far too long as it is. Now it has court- and state-mandated payments that it must make, but there won't be enough money to make all those payments.

Why, they may not be able to open schools on time. What a freakin' tragedy that is: the socialized school system--which is a vast waste of money!--won't have enough money! Well, they never have enough money, do they? Every year, every election, we're told that the schools need this or that tax levy because they're sooo broke they can't do X or Y. To me, that means they're used to making do with less, so they ought to be able to function just fine. And if the teachers don't like it, let them go on strike! That'll save the state money, won't it?

She then goes on about debt service being the only thing they can't cut, because they need to borrow money "albeit at high interest rates" because that will be "vital to our eventual recovery". If Illinois is forced to default on any of its bonds, "You can kiss what little is left of this state goodbye."

But you know what she's talking about? She's talking about STATE GOVERNMENT--about the socialist machine that dispenses money and power--not the people and businesses of Illinois. That borrowed money will be vital to the recovery of the Democrat machine. If Illinois defaults on its loans, you can kiss what little is left of the Democrat machine goodbye. The rest of us will get along just fine without the Democrat machine.

Her prescription: pass the Democrat budget, borrow more, tax more. There is a paean to spending cuts in there, but whenever a Democrat (or any politician, really) talks about "cuts" they mean only reducing the rate of growth, not actually reducing any line item year-on-year. She's proposing that the increase of the new budget be smaller than the usual annual increase.

If there is no money, there is no power. The Democrat machine people all have to go get real jobs. And at this point, I am so sick of all the bullshit these people shovel I almost want to see it come down around their ears. You assholes made this bed; it's about time you had to lie in it.

* * *

Last night Mrs. Fungus wanted to watch Jaws, which she insists we watch every year about this time, but I'm not so sure. I don't remember watching it last year.

Apparently, at a certain point in the show, I always say, "She's got a really bad case of crabs," but I don't recall that, either.

Well, it could be worse.

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