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It's Saturday and I Can't Sleep

Snow Cones

I finally bought a snow cone machine. It's the hand-cranked kind. I bought an assortment of flavoring syrups with it. So now I can have snow cones whenever I want--or almost whenever, anyway, since it takes time for the water to freeze.

I've been wanting to buy one for several years now; and at work last night I happened actually to look at the endcap displaying the things. $10 is not bad at all for a hand-cranked machine, and since I've got more than enough upper body strength to run it, why not save myself $10 or so?

I just had one (grape) and I'm pretty pleased with it.

Magical Fairy Persia

I watched the last two of the available episodes of MFP this morning. The story is better than Creamy Mami--at least as far as episode 7, anyway.

MFP continues to show us at least one underage panty shot per episode, but episode 6 went one step farther and showed us underage buttcrack: in one scene a dolphin tried to pull Persia's swimsuit bottom down, a la the little dog and the little girl in the old Coppertone ads. I just don't know what to think or say about all this; my 21st century sensibilities find it vaguely disturbing, but then I also remember a time when parents could take pictures of "baby's first bath" without risking a surprise visit from the police and Family Services.

I have to say that I have never seen a scene like that elsewhere in anime--the "Coppertone ad" thing, I mean. Even so, up until a few years ago anime generally did not shrink from showing bare bodies of any age, even in the stuff for a general audience. (Recall my discussion of Dragon Ball, and Goku's wee-wee. DB was aimed at a young audience.) These days, it seems, even panty shots can generate complaints from the Japanese public. Yes, from the society which gave us used panty vending machines and tentacle rape anime, a rare bit of decency? But why does it have to be panty shots?? Why couldn't they get rid of the used panty vending machines first and then the panty shots in anime? Don't they have any priorities? (Obviously they do, and I guess that panty machines are more important. O Lord.)

Stupid Parrot

One of the new toys for Pirates of the Caribbean II is this ludicrous parrot which will repeat whatever you say. I saw them at the store the other night and fiddled with one for a bit.

To activate it, you press this yellow button and say something; then the parrot repeats it with the sample rate a bit higher, so it sounds higher in pitch. I expect that once you take it out of the box, there's a switch which will put it into a sound-activated mode.

Anyway, this evening, as I walked past the shelf in the back room that had the things on it, I pressed a yellow button and said, "I'm a cheap piece of crap!" and it dutifully replied, "I'm a cheap piece of crap! I'm a cheap piece of crap!"

Try that, and then try explaining to your coworkers why you're laughing your ass off. Fortunately I'm used to getting strange looks from people.

I'll probably end up buying one.

Megumi's Diary

I haven't done squat since finishing the first 20 pages of layouts. I've given some thought to issue 2 but haven't made so much as one mark on paper yet. Oh well.

Pervie Dreams

I had another dream in which I dreamed I was seeing "x-rated" material on broadcast TV.

Every once in a while I have a dream that I'm watching some show--normally one I never actually watch in real life--and a love scene starts, and they show far more skin than is permitted by the FCC. Most of the time they show female genitalia, too.

Once it was ER that was on. Once it was Law and Order. I'm not sure what show it was last night--it was some crime drama--but as I watched the TV I started thinking, "You know, this has got to be a dream. The last few times this happened, it was, so I bet this is." And I started testing my hypothesis.

And every one of the damn tests came up negative, and I concluded that it was really happening: there really was cooter being shown on TV, and I was as incredulous as I could be.

...naturally when I woke up I then realized that no, it was not, after all, real; it had just been a dream.

And to be honest, I was relieved. TV (especially broadcast TV) does not need explicit nudity in it. If the networks need that to generate interest in their shows, then there's something wrong with their writers. The day they start showing stuff like that is the day this country has officially gone to hell....

"If I wasn't taken, I'd go out with you!"

I got that from two of my coworkers on Thursday night. *sigh*

That, in close proximity to the "You're a nice guy!" bit. O Lord I am doomed...You might as well take me now. not really; that was for comedic effect. okay??

They were being honest, not just blowing sunshine up my skirt (Ed, what sort of place do you work?? (o_O)) but that really only makes it worse. I tried to explain to them why that didn't help at all, but they just didn't see it. I was trying to explain that that line is the #2 line that men hate to hear, right behind "You're such a good friend...."

And "You're a nice guy" is #3 on that list, BTW.

Problem one is that it doesn't fix the major problem, which is that the man (me, in this case) is not seeing anyone. Hey, it's just peachy that you'd date me if you weren't taken, but--oh! Hey, wait a second!--you're taken so that does me exactly NO GOOD WHATSOEVER.

Problem two is that the statement--intended to make the man feel better about his situation--has exactly the opposite effect. It doesn't provide any consolation. Tantalus would understand the situation all too well.

As for "you're a nice guy!" and "nice guys are hard to find!", that basically indicates that the man is more-or-less utterly fucked and might as well go sign up for the monastery; women don't want nice guys. Oh, they say that they want nice guys, and they mean that they want nice guys, but nice guys are not the ones they go out with. No; they go out with the jerks and the idiots because they are exciting. Then when the exciting guys act like utter pricks, they go to their "nice guy" friends and complain about how much of a jerk their ex-boyfriend was...and then go out and find another guy just like him.

What they want is the exciting guy, but after they get him they want the exciting guy to change his ways and become more like the nice guy without losing the "exciting" part...which is pretty much impossible.

Sometimes I think that the only reason our species manages to continue is because we have the ability to make liquor, and because it only takes a few minutes of carelessness to conceive a child.

Too Many DVDs

With all the downloading of fansubs that I'm doing--and the subsequent conversion and burning to DVD--I am finding myself with quite a pile of DVDs. I'm having to try to figure out what I'm going to do with them all. For the moment I'm storing them on a spindle but that's not very convenient.

What I'll probably have to do is buy a CD/DVD case. I did that when I gained the capability to make VCDs and SVCDs; I would download fansubs, convert them, burn them to SVCD, and stick 'em into the case I bought specifically for that purpose. I've got a lot of stuff in there.

And that, now that I think of it, was an offshoot of my earlier policy for making audio CDs; I'd burn a disk and stick it into a CD case, which then went into my briefcase, and I'd take them to work with me. When I was a technical writer I could then throw a CD into the computer, put on headphones, and work with music drowning out the sound of my job being turned into fertilizer by a short man with a Fuhrer complex.

But the DVD recorder has basically supplanted the VCR as my recorder of choice, even though the DVD-R has utterly crappy quality if you record more than 4 hours to a disk. Bought on sale the disks are cheaper than VHS tapes, and they're certainly a lot more convenient...not to mention smaller. I've been recording Doctor Who entirely on DVD; and I've also been recording Spike TV's Powerblock on Saturday mornings.

The two major disadvantages of the DVD recorder are that you do have to deal with the lower capacity if you want the video to have any reasonable quality at all; and that it takes from a few seconds to a few minutes to start recording once you tell it to. With a VCR it only takes a few seconds to start up, but with a DVD recorder the disk has to spin up and the thing has to read the directory and find the first empty block; and then it has to set itself up to record, and the digitizing buffer has to fill up, and the convertor has to start converting the video to MPEG-2, and.... All that stuff is going on inside the thing, and meanwhile you're watching your show start while the DVD recorder spins the disk up and down a few times, before so much as a single frame of video is recorded.

That's if the disk has been prepared; if it hasn't it'll take much longer while it formats the disk. *sigh*


There are a few words I can't seem to type correctly. I always end up making typos of them. It wouldn't bother me as much if it weren't so consistent. What follows is the word I intend to type, followed by what comes out my fingers:

gun, fun
fairy, fairly
disk, dick

...and I know there are more that I can't think of right now. I'm sure that a psychologist would have a field day with the complete list (assuming I knew it) but I have a hard time believing that it's because of some secret subconscious thing. I think it's more likely that certain words are easier for me to type than others--and used more often--although that doesn't explain the "disk/dick" thing. I type "disk" a lot more often than I type "dick" in any context.

I used to keep a list of the legendary typos, but it got lost somewhere. But there were a couple of doozies on there:


...and just a few minutes ago I mangled "other" into something like "hoetr".

I always wonder at that, when I get all the correct letters but in the wrong order....

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