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#5704: The last Friday of June!

The last day of June, too. It's not particularly hot outside, but it's humid--dewpoint is 68, temp is 75--so it's not particularly comfortable.

Today's chore is to attempt to coat the patio furniture with Rustoleum. I have about 2/3 a can of it--last used, and originally bought, to paint the 1986 Fiero's engine cradle--and a bunch of foam brushes, and we'll see how far we get with it.

After the post, and after breakfast.

* * *

What on God's green Earth are people doing to consume so much friggin' data? Some people are using a terabyte in a month!

* * *

Tell us how you really feel. CNN producer says, "American voters are stupid as shit."

This is the attitude of the press towards the American public.

* * *

Chiraq continues to be immensely violent. Democrat machine city, big gang and drug problems. All the boxes checked for maximum carnage.

Just remember: 99% of the violence is coming from 1% of the population. And the city government won't do anything to curtail that 1% because "raciss!"

* * *

Related: Based on what I'm reading here I'd say blacks are already getting reparations for slavery, and are due nothing else.

* * *

When your entire police force quits rather than do what you want, you're the asshole. It's illegal in Louisiana to establish ticket quotas. Mayor wanted 40 citations per month from the police, because it would raise city revenue, and nearly the entire force including the chief quit rather than do it.

Small town America still has what it takes.

* * *

Politician is infuriated that citizens have rights. She is, in fact, infuriated that someone had the wherewithal to fight the taking of his property under eminent domain. Most people have to bend over and take it, but some don't and won't--and that is what makes her mad.

* * *

Illinois, Connecticut, Maine. There the governor is trying to get taxes cut, and the legislature is refusing.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Tribune has an article on "what to expect" if the Democrats continue to refuse to compromise.

Here's the thing I don't understand: we are told that socialized education is financially supported at the local level, that when you pay your property taxes etc you're paying for the schools in your school district. That's why it's illegal for parents to "steal" a better free education for their children by lying about their home address; your children must attend school in the district in which they live.

But somehow, various socialized educational system districts in the state are going to have trouble starting up on time because of the Democrats' refusal to compromise?

How is that "local" funding if the state budget is involved?

If the answer is that "well, some districts and systems don't take in enough revenue to operate" then the people being taxed to make up the shortfall for damned sure ought to get a say in how those money holes are being operated! Or else they should be limited to a budget commensurate with what tax revenue they do collect.

Why is the Chicago Public School system able to collect tax dollars from Illinois to shore up its operations when Cook County has the highest sales taxes in the country, and egregiously high property taxes? Why is it able to do that even though the people paying for its operations must also fund their own local school district?

If no money is being taken from other places to fund CPD, then why does the money have to go to Springfield at all?

This is what I hate about government: the deliberate obfuscation of who is paying for what.

* * *

I don't know what good it'll do, but it certainly sounds like a great idea. Trump's bringing back the National Space Council. And Mike Pence will be chairman of it.

This sounds so good, it almost seems too good to be true. I await further developments with bated breath.

* * *


USPS says the LED lighting kit is going to be delivered tomorrow. We'll see, but that'd be nice if it were. Expect a post about it when I get it and have a chance to fiddle with it.


One of the nice things about this 21st century is the ability to buy a song from the comfort of your desk chair, and cheaper than they've ever been in real dollars. I don't remember what I paid for the last 45 RPM record I ever bought, but it certainly was more than $1, and thirty years ago to boot, when $0.25 would buy you a candy bar that was bigger than what $0.99 will buy you today. (I think the 45 in question was a track by the Moody Blues, though I can't recall which.)

Every once in a while, when I'm cleaning out stuff, I come across a bit of paper or something that has song titles scribbled on them. They're relics of the days, in the late 80s and early 90s, when I used to listen to WNUA a lot and they'd sometimes play something I actually wanted to own. Most of the time I'd forget all about it; sometimes I'd peruse the record stores looking for the albums. Regardless, most of them, I never found. The scrap of paper or whatever would get shuffled into this or that box of records and forgotten.

So I found, a few weeks ago, a scrap of envelope with two song titles on it. Looked them up on Amazon, bought them at $0.99 each...and kind of wondered why I wanted them. Oh, they're not bad music, but they're so...nineties. (Govi's "Sky High" and David Foster's "Flight of the Snowbirds", for the record.)


As time goes on I keep finding these little memos, and I keep buying the tracks, and find that my tastes in music have changed over the past 20 years, which is not terribly surprising: for most of them, this is my second-ever hearing of the music, and what sounded really good to me then is dated and not very impressive to me now.

Some of them stand up well. Others, not so much.

Just bought "Flight of the Cosmic Hippo" by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, because that's another one I never bought. It's kind of silly. I taped that one, almost in its entirety, from WNUA, so when it ends what comes up next in the old brain jukebox? Tower of Power doing a song I can't find a name for, but it wasn't any of their big hits.


Another fail video, another girl practicing on the stripper pole in her home where it falls over; but as always, the real fail is that she has a stripper pole in her home.

* * *

Apparently I don't have anything else to write about today.

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