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#5705: Locked myself out.

So, today's task was to get started on refurbishing the patio furniture we got from Dad's house. Put on my old man shorts and an old red shirt from the Target days, and hied myself out to the garage.

Mrs. Fungus originally wasn't going to keep the furniture, but I explained that if we hit it with a coat of Rustoleum, it'd look like new. There were other things which were more important, until this week; but now's the time.

The can of Rustoleum was already on the workbench, where I'd left it after I found it when trying to find 80 grit sandpaper while putting the rear wheel back on the bike and determined it would be perfect for at least getting a start on the patio furniture.

I was shaking it, and feeling a little disheartened over how little "gloop glorp" was coming from inside, the sound a paint can makes when it's about half full or so of good paint. I decided to stir it, so I grabbed a screwdriver and popped the lid off...and was pleasantly surprised to see that the can was almost full, which is why it wasn't making the right noises: there wasn't enough air in there for that. There is probably enough paint in that can to do the whole set; I'll still need a can or two of the spray paint to get the crevices and crannies, but that's incidental.

Heartened, I stirred it up, grabbed the foam brushes, and started working. Out of all the boxes that I'd had in that garage, I only kept two big ones, cut down flat, so I can only work on two chairs at a time with this weather--it's been spitting rain a lot lately--but I got the topside of two chairs done, and they already look like new but for where you can see unpainted metal. Flip 'em over and do the undersides and they'll look fantastic.

But I used up all the 2" foam brushes I had doing 'em. I decided I'd go to Harbor Freight for more, and I'd ride my motorcycle!

Closed up, got my gear on, headed out. About 1/4 of the way there, it started raining, but it was just spitting, so I didn't mind. Got to HF, riding through a few more brief showers, but not enough to get me very wet. Got what I needed, got on the bike, rode home...and rode through one brief shower that would have drenched me if I hadn't been wearing the equipment. Once back in Illinois the rain was behind me; I stopped at the grocery store for a couple sundries and rode home.

I don't like the way that clutch is adjusted. I followed the procedure in the manual to the letter, and the pressure point is way out near where the lever is almost fully released. I'll have to fiddle with it until I get that fixed. But once home I put the sundries away and got my gear off (and hung it up to dry) and then realized I needed to put the bike away.

Hit the button to open the garage door, then went outside. Got to the bike, realized I needed the keys to move it, went to go back inside....

Door locked.

Went around the house and checked the back window and doors, hoping, but yeah--I made sure everything was secure before I left; no joy there. No keys on me, no phone.

Sat in my chair in the garage, thirsty and needing the bathroom, wondering how long it would be before Mrs. Fungus got home.

Then I realized something: with the garage open I had access to all my tools. I could easily break one of the front door windows. But that would be a pain, because I'd have to go get a new pane of glass, and it'd be a big mess.

But! If I were to remove one of the panes without breaking it--well, I already have glazing putty from the last time this happened, and the hard part is getting the glass out unbroken. And the windows by the front door (except the one I replaced in 2011) all need reglazing, anyway, so just grab some tools, pick one, and go to town.

It probably didn't take me 20 minutes to get the glass out. Five seconds after that, I was inside and heading for the can; then that I grabbed a Pepsi and got to work on reinstalling the glass. Reglazing the thing took perhaps another twenty minutes.

So, that's one less window that needs reglazing, at least. Could be worse.

Plus side, with the exception of the clutch adjustment issue, the bike ran and rode like a champ. The engine feels a bit rough but that's probably due to the fact that I've barely ridden it at all in the past couple of years. Some carb cleaner ought to help that out, and I've got a jug of it in the supply cabinet.

Man, what a day. And tomorrow's another one!

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