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#5709: Well, isn't that lovely.

Tax increases, no reforms, so Illinois just managed to kick the can a little farther down the road. Income taxes will go back up, spending will not be reined in, no budgets will be cut, no other taxes will be curtailed.

If you're going to cave to Democrats, why even fight in the first place?

* * *

If you wish to harvest solar power, prepare for three hundred times the toxic waste of a nuclear plant.
Solar panels create 300 times more toxic waste per unit of electricity generated than nuclear power plants, according to a Thursday report from the pro-nuclear group Environmental Progress (EP).

The report found that solar panels use heavy metals, including lead, chromium and cadmium, which can harm the environment. The hazards of nuclear waste are well known and can be planned for, but very little has been done to mitigate solar waste issues.

"The problem with waste from solar is that it isn't handled as well as nuclear waste," Dr. Jeff Terry, a professor of nuclear physics involved in energy research at the Illinois Institute of Technology, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. "There are two types of waste from solar. Waste from the manufacturing scene and waste from the solar panel after it has gone through its useful life. There are materials in those that if they leached out, it wouldn't be good."
Right now the US deals with the manufacturing cycle by buying its panels from China, which doesn't give a fuck about the toxic waste but just dumps it into the environment.

* * *

If fighting terrorists only makes more terrorists, doesn't making non-racist white kids admit to racism make more racists? I am asking only for information.

* * *

I love this description of the Trump impeachment effort: "More than 2 dozen Dems hatch ingenious plan to make Mike Pence president". Because even if they did manage to get rid of Trump, they'd just get Mike Pence in his place.

* * *

If you ever doubted that the press has a Democrat slant, doubt no longer.

* * *

So, that guy that shot six people at a New York hospital? Turns out there are a few details the news stories omitted:
Like, for example, that his name is a muslim northern Nigerian name. He apparently threatened to kill his co-workers, if this source is to be believed, and then carried out that threat. Oh, and he has three prior arrests, all involving allegations of various improprieties with women, dating back to 2003.
Quoth Karl Denninger, of course, emphasis removed.

* * *

Today, Mrs. Fungus and I went to visit her mother and her boyfriend. He's great with a grill, and produced ribs, hamburgers, and bratwurst, and it was all so delicious I didn't eat anything but meat. Oh, man, what a meal.

After that, we lounged around the living room and watched a movie. Ah, what a pleasant day it was!

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