atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5713: Dang radiation!

I spent a lot of time outside yesterday.

Assembling and filling the pool, whacking weeds, painting patio furniture--and I didn't put a hat on until the top of my head started feeling hot. And didn't think about sunblock. So the back of my neck is hot today, because it's pretty well sunburned.

I've also got a killer headache that won't go away. I've had it since we got up this afternoon. That's what I get for sleeping in. *sigh*

* * *

LoTR, politically corrected. Let me make one better: "As anti-orc sentiment rises due to the increasing incidence of mostly-peaceful orc protests, Elrond convenes a special council to talk about tackling anti-orc hate speech."

* * *

Tell you what: that pool water is cold. It's probably about 70°. Well, it was filled yesterday, and we've had clouds; if it had been filled a week ago it'd be considerably warmer.

Is it bad that I'm already thinking about how to build a solar water heater for it?

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