atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5716: Learning about pools

This evening around 7:30 we decided to take a dip in the pool.

As we enjoyed it, I realized that the filter wasn't moving much water. I puzzled over it, looking at the hoses and feeling for pressure, and checked for air in the hoses--nothing worked.

Then I thought, "Filter? But it's only been running for two days! You're supposed to get at least a month out of it!"

Still--shut off the pump, pulled the filter, and it was clogged with mucky brown sludge, and immediately I knew what had happened.

Last night, before retiring for the evening, I dumped about 9 ounces of Clorox pool shock into the thing. It seems that you can go one day, maybe two without chemicals, after filling a small temporary pool like this one, but really you should start with the chemistry set right away.

The shock did two things: it killed anything that had entered the water, and it caused non-organic solids to precipitate out...and the Fungal Vale has a LOT of iron and calcium in its water. The water here is very, very hard, and frequently tinged with rust. The filter clogged up with all that non-organic precipitate.

So I took it inside, and sprayed it off with the sink sprayer, and washed all the brown sludge out of it; and once I'd reinstalled it in the pump, the thing merrily pumped away like it had before.

Did a test of it, and the water now shows as having too much chlorine in it (opposite end of the scale from pre-shock, when there was far too little) and it's still as hard as can be. Tomorrow I'm going to check it again and use the app--it's a Chlorox kit that you can use the old-fashioned way, or you can download an app that scans the test strip and analyzes the result, and makes suggestions on how to proceed. I'll try that and we'll see what happens, since so far I haven't found any information on how one treats the water in his pool for an optimal swimming experience.

Once the filter pump was corrected, though, we had a marvelous relaxing time in our little pool. It's amazing how a dip in a swimming pool can just wash away all your stress and make you feel relaxed and happy.

It was probably, in fact, the company I had. Mrs. Fungus likes swimming pools as much as I do, and in fact getting a pool was her idea in the first place.

I have no idea now why I ever resisted it.

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