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#5717: GUESS which state this happened in.

Democrat mayor, under indictment for vote fraud, of "the most corrupt village in America", wants town to buy her a new car at taxpayers' expense.

100% Democrat owned and operated town, and its last mayor--oh, hell, just read the article. The town is a corrupt, festering shithole of drugs and crime.

And, yep, Illinois.

* * *

It does indeed look as if CNN got the wrong guy.


* * *

"Democrats 2018: I mean, have you seen the other guys?"

I sit here, trying to come up with anything that can sum up how lame that is, and words fail me. I used to describe complex electronic circuits in 8th-grade English, and have you ever tried explaining the functioning of a GPS receiver IC like that?

The best I can do: they cannot be serious. This has to be some kind of jape or satire or something. I don't see how it can be otherwise, except that the left has one insult ("So and so is stupid!") and one joke ("Hey, you know that guy? Isn't he stupid?") and this is approximately both of those rolled into one: "Democrats 2018: Have you seen how stupid the other guys are?"

That's what keeps me from passing it off. It's the same thing.

* * *

Over the past few days I've received a ton of calls from the same organization. If I let it go to VM, they don't leave a message. If I answer, there is a pause, and then the person on the other end asks to speak to "Ronald".

Every time I've answered one of these calls, I've told them that there is no Ronald at this number, and told them also to stop calling me. They called four times on Monday alone, but I was busy on Monday so I only fielded one of them.

Some of this asshattery is related to my job-hunting. You click on a job link, it takes you to a web site where you enter information and--to any reasonable inspection--it looks like you're applying for a job. But you're not; you're actually giving information to a telemarketer, who then calls you and tries to sell you on "training" and other useless horseshit that you don't need and can't afford, by definition, since you're not working.

Why the hell these pricks are asking for "Ronald" is beyond me. Someone entered the wrong phone number, or gave them a fake one, I suppose. I've had this phone number for a long time--if not ten years, then close to it!--so it's not a holdover from someone else having had that number.

Well, what can you do about it, anyway? The number is never exactly the same, so I can't block it. Well, if it keeps up, file a complaint, I suppose.

* * *

Man, it promises to be a pretty hot day today. Plus side, I have errands to run but the chores that need doing are all indoors.

I do have to get after the grass pretty soon, but I think I'll wait until tomorrow for that one.
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