atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5718: Now Illinois can't even raise taxes right

Judge has issued an order preventing the tax from going into effect. "Unconstitutional and too vague" is how the argument of the plaintiff in the case is characterized.

One of the most important aspects of rule of law is equality under it. No matter who you are, rich or poor, weak or strong, the law is supposed to apply equally. I'd argue that the character of the soda tax--which prevents it from being applied to people buying soda with food stamps--fails that test.

Besides all the other horseshit, I mean, keeping it from being anything like a good idea.

But the idea that a body which has the authority to raise taxes doing it so incompetently that a judge agrees to stay the tax until it undergoes judicial review--that is what makes me roll my eyes. The Democrat machine has become so ossified it can't even raise taxes right.

* * *

Man, it's hot today. Mid 90s, humid--and now that all my errands are done (it took me three hours to get them run!) the rest of my task list for the day is mercifully indoors.

Stopped at Subway for lunch, brought it home to eat. One of the two subs I usually get from Subway: footlong meatball sub, with pepperoni, provolone, green and banana peppers, onions, and just a splash of vinegar. Today was BMT day (where you can get a footlong for $6) and I thought about it, but I wanted the meatball sub more. Not really the day for a hot sub, but WTF, there's air conditioning. Heh.

Before leaving, I needed to air up the Jeep's rear tires; and while I was waiting for the compressor to fill I checked the pool. No pumpy; shut it off, pulled the filter--yep, gummed up again. Rinsed out again, reinstalled, working fine. Somewhere in that process it brushed against my dark blue shirt, and now my dark blue shirt has a patch of parallel light blue lines on it due to the bleaching action of chlorine. Whee.

Hit the road. One of my stops was the nearby Jewel, to get an RX for Mrs. Fungus; and while wandering the aisles to pick up TP and napkins I looked at the soda aisle for yucks--and learned that the tax had been suspended, and Pepsi was on sale. Confirmed the tax thing at the customer service desk, then happily bought TP and napkins and Pepsi. At the price it was--$1.99 a 6-pack if you bought 5--even with the tax it'd be a reasonable price, about $3.01 for a 6-pack. $0.50 per bottle is what I find reasonable for fizzy aspartame water.

Anyway, did that, then hit Walmart, got my own pills refilled, and returned one pair of shorts and picked up two others. I almost bought a couple of shirts; they had some nice-looking polo shirts for $8. But payday isn't until tomorrow (assuming Illinois has the money to pay my unemployment) so I didn't bother.

Back to Jewel for Mrs. Fungus' pills (they needed time to do the refill--union shop) and then Subway and then home.

And now that my sandwich is eaten, I need to get going on those chores. And I'm glad!

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