atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5719: Why do they keep turning up??

So, in the process of cleaning out my old bedroom, I took the bed apart and leaned it against the wall, then got after the boxes of videotapes under the bed.

There were six. Now there are two.

Most of the videotapes in those boxes have been rendered redundant by DVD and BluRay technology. I do not need the entire run of B5 recorded from broadcast television with commercials when I have the entire series plus movies on DVD.

I thought I'd already gotten rid of all the Voyager tapes, considering it's the worst Star Trek series ever made. (And the producers of Star Trek: Dominion said, "Challenge accepted! Here, hold my beer.") There were a few in there. No more!

I last watched the anime series Miracle Girls in 2000...? I don't remember when exactly. It was one of the years that Anime Iowa was held at Collins Plaza (which is where a lot of the movie Cedar Rapids was filmed) but the very last AI I went to was AI03, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't 2003 that I watched MG. 2002 maybe. 2001.

Whenever it was, IT WAS MORE THAN ELEVEN YEARS AGO AND I HAVEN'T WANTED TO WATCH IT SINCE so I tossed all the fansubs into the trash. I kept Akazukin Chacha and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, and those two series (along with a few other tapes) filled one box. The other box is miscellanious stuff I decided to keep. So, again, I tossed a CRAPTON of VHS tapes and only kept what I knew I didn't have elsewhere, or would not be able to find anywhere else. And even some of that is probably trash-worthy, but since I threw out about 80% of the tapes I had under that bed, that'll do fine.

Vacuumed and cleaned a bit, but the room doesn't see much use so all I really needed was to vacuum where I couldn't vacuum before, and mostly that was under the bed.

Eventually we hope to use that room as a library, but that's a ways off.

Still, it sure feels good to get rid of old junk no one wants, and which is just getting in the way. I'll tell you: the last couple of months, with all the work I've done on getting rid of crap, it's started to get under my skin. The past week or so I've been itching to get rid of more of the nonsense around here, which is probably why I was so cheerful about starting in today.

A few more things moved around and I think I'll call it a day...but dang, I can't believe I once thought I needed to keep all those videotapes.

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