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#5722: Stupid

Put the trash out last night, and when I did, found that it was very cool and dry outside--dewpoint below 60, closer to 55--so I opened a couple of windows and inserted a couple of fans. Result: 74° in here when we woke up today. A lot cheaper than using AC to do it, which is what would have happened if garbage night hadn't been a day later due to the holiday.


Got some chores to do today, mainly of the cleaning variety. I need to cut the grass, too, though. Nice weather for it.

* * *

The other day I was looking over the manuscript for AV, just to see how the continuity flows past the 6-week hiatus. It works fine; there are still a few rough patches in the manuscript overall but the hiatus is indetectable.

I'm worried this is going to turn into two books. I don't want it to. Well, I'll bang the whole thing out first, then worry about that. WTF.

* * *

This morning I went to the bank, then tightened the serpentine belt in my wife's car. As with the Jeep, the process for adjusting the serpentine belt tension is as follows:
1) loosen bolt
2) turn adjuster clockwise to tighten
3) tighten bolt
As is the case with the Jeep, the bolt and the tension adjuster have the same size head. This is the single concession to convenience made by the whole tangled mess.

Anyway, added some tension to her car's belt. We'll see if it still squeaks. The Jeep's? It's squeaking a bit, but I think I'm close to having the right tension on it (and it's finished with its post-installation stretching) and it'll be a 5-minute job to touch that up.

But not having an automatic tensioner is stupid. It's just a spring-loaded pulley, with a place to stick the drive head of a breaker bar so you can release the tension and change the belt once in a while. Further, there's usually a scale cast into the metal which shows you if the belt is within spec or not: if you're past the scale, it needs replacing.

Why is that so hard? Ford's been doing it since the 1980s. Is it a patent thing, or what?

* * *

Every time I think the world can't get any dumber, it goes and surprises me. Which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars? That's debatable, but if you get into a fight over the question that involves weapons, you need a life.

So much more that could be said about this one.

* * *

Chicago continues its stupidity. That's like saying that water is wet, but this particular instance is the mayor's idiotic plan to make kids show their post-graduation plans before they get their diplomas. They have to have jobs, or enlist in the military, or show college acceptance, first.

And you know what? The ones that cause all the trouble in the first place, they won't care that they don't have their diplomas. "Hey, I don't have to go to school no more! No one can hassle me for not going to school!" And they'll go to the government offices and line up for welfare and collect their government cheese every month, just like the last two or three generations have.

* * *

Why are people surprised that there was a thriving economy in the neolithic era? So the copper in Otzi's axe came from a long way away:
The fact that copper was being traded between central Italy and the remote Alps was "surprising", said the experts, who are from Padua University and the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology, where the mummified body of the Iceman is on permanent display.
Why be surprised by it? In 3300 BC human civilzation stretched across the entire planet. It wasn't a unified civilization, and there were significant pockets of barbarism, but why wouldn't there be trade--even long-distance trade--in that time?

People--even experts--act as if the modern era is the only time people are capable of doing things. It's not true; people have been the same people for a very long time, and if there is anything we can do in the 21st century AD it's a fair bet that we just found the most convenient way to do it.

Sure, you can ship a copper ingot (or axe head, they're not sure) via FedEx these days. 5300 years ago, someone would have had to carry it, but that doesn't make it impossible for it to get somewhere else, even a very long way away.

Not "stupid" so much as "blinkered", but still.

* * *

As for me, if I don't get going on those chores, it'll be pretty stupid of me.

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