atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5723: The worst thing about a day like today

It's a pleasant day, with dry, reasonably cool air...and that makes you think you're Superman.

Hint: you are not Superman.

Okay, I'm exaggerating; I didn't take on any herculean tasks, but a simple one: after cutting the grass, whack back the sumac trees YET AGAIN and put the fence board back up.

I'm hoping that sometime in the next couple of months I can actually replace the fence, but that depends on a bunch of factors beyond my control, so in the meantime I put the board up whenever it falls down. This time, to do it, I had to get the [much swearing redacted] sumac trees out of the way, the same [much more swearing redacted] sumac trees I hacked down this past spring.

They really are friggin' weeds, damn it.

This time, however, I hosed the stumps down with RoundUp. We'll see how those bastards like that.

So I once again can sit at my desk, look out the window, and see the street (esp. after Monday's weed-whacking session). And I need to, because I am sweating my ass off. Guzzle back half a quart of Gatorade and cool off before I start in on the rest of today's chores.

But none of the rest of them are outdoor chores, so that's okay, and they won't take a lot of time or effort to accomplish. Once those are done, I have one other task to do which is pretty easy; and then the rest of the day will be mine.

Well, one outdoor chore: skim the grass clippings off the pool. *sigh*

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