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#5724: That was entertaining!

We went out to the movies last night after Mrs. Fungus got home from work. Spider-Man: Homecoming was vastly entertaining, and I personally think it was the best of the Spider-Man movies. I really, really liked it.

We went to the last showing of the night, so we didn't get home until after 1 AM and we slept in today. Not at all sorry.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus suggested that I use the LED strips to put lights under our patio umbrella. That's a great idea, and I'll get back to everyone on that as soon as I figure out how to do it.

* * *

Thanks to the holiday (and also, I bet, thanks to State of Illinois being broke) my unemployment was almost two days late in getting to me. But I got it, and I paid the bills I needed to pay, so it's all good now.

* * *

Saw another trailer for Dunkirk and it's still looking like it'll be a good one to see. Also, next Miyazaki movie in the theater will be Kiki's Delivery Service on Jul 23-24. (We missed My Neighbor Totoro--completely forgot about it--so I marked Kiki on my calendar.)

* * *

Last week I was coming home from something-or-other and there was a big brown beetle on the porch. I realized it was a pre-moult cicada, and it looked like he only got so far and died. Clucking, I left it alone, resolving to sweep it off the porch if it was still there later; but the next day, the bug was gone, and when I moved the trash barrel to get at the door, I found an empty husk. Not dead; just resting--good enough.

Cicadas are huge and ugly as sin but I like their singing.

* * *

Watching a fail vid on YouTube, and about the four-minute mark a woman cracks a really large egg into a pan. Out comes regular egg contents and another egg. After expressing astonishment she cracks that egg and inside it is regular egg contents but--sadly--no further eggs.

I know what happened: the chicken produced an egg but failed to lay it, and then produced another egg around that one which was then successfully ejected. Considering the environment in which the eggs are produced (the chicken's egg-maker-thingy, whatever it's called) is fairly sterile, I'd think they'd be fine for eating. I'd probably throughly cook both eggs to be sure (scrambled, not over easy).


* * *

In the "a little worried" department: one of the youtubers to whom I've subscribed hasn't put a video up in nearly a week. Now, this guy prides himself on doing a video every day; it's not common for him to miss a day, and if he does, usually it's because he ran out of time, and he always explains what's going on. Past couple of weeks, though, the character of his videos changed--he started acting really hyper in some of them, and the editing style became more chaotic--and after he and his brother salvaged a trampoline, and a did a couple videos about it, nothing. Went to the channel's discussion tab, saw something about a bike accident; then realized all the comments were from four months ago. After changing to "newest first"...nothing but some people who are also wondering WTF is going on.

Part of me wonders if the guy has bipolar disorder or something. It's not unheard of for it to manifest around the time of life this kid is in (he's 22-ish) and without medication that can get bad really fast. So if something happened and he ended up in a psych ward, that would explain it. Depending on the severity I'd think that would be preferable to getting jacked up in a bike accident. They have pills to control BPD; they don't have a pill to fix being paralyzed.

Well, here's hoping the kid is fine and he's just having internet problems or something.

* * *

Well, it's a warm, sunny day--not so warm that we need the AC on--and my wife asked if it's warm enough to use the pool. I guess I'll have to go find out.

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