atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5726: Well, no wonder

My strategy for not using all the electricity in summertime is pretty simple. During the day, thermostat at 76-77. At bedtime, thermostat at 74-75. Alarm goes off, thermostat goes up. (More or less.)

I don't have a problem with 77° during the day as long as I can have a fan moving some air past me. Sometimes it feels a little too warm and I'll set it to 76°. But I have trouble sleeping when I'm too warm, Mrs. Fungus is the same, and it's easier to cool the house off at night, so we drop it that couple of degrees and the master bedroom cools down pretty quickly.

Woke up about 3:20 feeling far too warm, and found the thermostat still at 76°. It was pleasant enough in here when we went to bed, which is why it didn't get adjusted. Oh well. But the damage was done, and here I am.

...after a peanut butter and honey sandwich, though, and a little diet Pepsi, I'm finally beginning to feel sleepy again. Back to bed.

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