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#5727: My ribs is sore!

I know what did it, too: using the weed whacker last week. I had some pretty tough stalks to chew through, and the best way to do it is to firewall the throttle, then swing it. The twisting motion got me. They've been sore for a few days now; well, with the work I've been doing around the house, my ribcage hasn't gotten any rest at all. So I move and twist and bend while doing my chores, and--yeah.

* * *

So, let's start with the story of a reporter who broke a politically incorrect story.

The thing is, the hard left has always been highly anti-semitic. Socialism hates semitism because it represents competition for loyalty to the State, and there can never be anything other than the State.

So when you have a hard left group such as the "Dyke March Collective", for damned sure it's going to be chock-full of anti-semitism. That's why--at any and every leftist protest ever--there are always people shilling for Palestine. The left supports Palestine because it's actively fighting Israel.

But no one outside the left is supposed to talk about it.

The fact that the left is anti-semitic is supposed to be an open secret, something no one talks about at all, because the general populace is too stupid to understand the nuance of the issue. You see, the left isn't anti-Jew, as long as the Jews in question are like American urban Jews who reliably vote Democrat and aren't actually observant. They're just anti-jewish, in that they think Israel should be destroyed so that the Jews don't have a place to hide and be Jewish all the time. Leftists think nothing good can come of the jews having their own nation, especially considering how prosperous it is in a region where leftist politics have failed so spectacularly.

So, when you show up at a leftist protest of any kind, being pro-Israel is going to get you invited to leave, as a couple of jewish lesbians found when they tried to march with rainbow flags featuring the Star of David.

But if you're a reporter and you cover a story like that? Expect to be invited to leave your job.

* * *

In the middle of an article I decided not worth commenting upon, I saw an ad for a book called Trump: Anatomy of a Monstrosity. And here's the blurb:
An in-depth investigation into who he is, what his election means, and what happens next. Part biography, part critical analysis, and part hopeful blueprint for a post-Trump era.
Well, with a title like that, it's certain to be a sober and even-handed discussion, isn't it? Let me whip out that credit card!


* * *

Sears is on the skids. It's sad, but there's a reason for it; their customer service is appalling. (I mean, bad.)

* * *

Well, that stuff won't get itself done. Much as I wish it would.

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