atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5728: I don't think I've mentioned recently how much I hate my metabolism.

Dragged myself around all day, feeling like complete crap. Managed to do some of the work before me, but not much, and finally gave up and laid down perhaps twenty minutes before my wife got home from work. Dragged myself around more, made and ate dinner, etc.

Finally we go to bed around 11:30. I did not quite doze off, but then snapped awake, feeling like I'd slept all night.


I know the feeling won't last, but it has me sitting up when I could be in bed, sleeping. Argh etc.

Anyway, best thing to do for insomnia is to get out of bed, have a snack, do something relaxing; soon enough you'll start feeling sleepy again.

* * *

It's damned muggy outside. I last poked my nose outside around 10, to check on the pool, and it was hot and humid out there. Weather site claims temp is about 75, but the dewpoint is also 75. It's damned unpleasant weather.

No breeze worth speaking of, either. Yuck.

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