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#5730: Fatigue

I am so tired of the bullshit.

So now there's yet another angle to the "Trump colluded with Russians to steal the election!" horseshit, and like every other possible angle to this nonsense, it's absolutely nothing whatsoever. Some crazy-ass Democrat congressman (but I repeat myself) has submitted articles of impeachment based on...something, the Comey firing I think, claiming that regardless of the evidence it's obstruction of justice for a President to fire an FBI chief.

Meanwhile yet another crazy-ass Democrat (but I repeat myself AGAIN) has threatened the life of the President. He said, "Trump is a half term president, at most, especially if I get within 10 feet of that pussy."

The threat has since been deleted, of course, but I would like to see this Maine state congressman try to make good on his threat. I've got a fiver on Trump decking the asshat.

But all this nonsense is just tiresome, you know, like the little kid in the grocery store throwing a twenty-minute tantrum because his mother won't buy him candy, just screaming and screaming and screaming. That is all this is. The Democrats lost an election in which their candidate got three million fraudulent votes and still lost, and these whiny crybabies can't take it, so they've been throwing a temper tantrum for seven fucking months.

I mean fuck, get over it already!

And one thing I've learned is that if I feel that way, there are plenty of other people who feel exactly the same way.

...and the American people are not as stupid as the elites think they are. A good majority of the American people know who is the bad guy, here (hint: it is not Trump) and are getting just as fed up with this stupid crap as I am. The question becomes, who has the greatest patience and forebearance? Who is willing to put up with this much longer?

When you look at the viewer statistics for news programs, you can see how well the continuous leftist temper tantrum is selling to the public. Their continuous push to bring down Trump is both obvious and tedious, it's getting more tedious by the day, and no one is buying it. The only people who are convinced by the continuous stream of horseshit are the ones who already don't like Trump; and as for the people who voted for Trump, the only thing your tide of sewage manages to convince them of is that they made the right choice. Anything that pisses you dickheads off as much as Trump does must be the right choice.

And the longer you do all this, the more likely it is that you're just going to end up with more Trump at all levels of government. Nobody likes watching a whiny bitch throw a tantrum, and they like it even less when it's someone who lives the high life on the taxpayer's dime.

I mean, shit like this is why Trump is President now: crazy-ass motherfuckers telling us that we mustn't "misgender" our children by assigning them a sex that may not conform to their feelings.
By shoehorning a newborn into either a "male" or "female" box--and worse, still, associating them with the hetero-normative colors "blue" and "pink"--expectant parents are, quite literally, Hitler.
Only an intellectual could come up with something so blitheringly stupid, so insensate, as to insist that for you to refer to that baby as a "boy" because it was born with penis and testicles makes you the equivalent of a genocidal dictator. "What if that child identifies as female someday?" I'll do you one better: what if that child identifies as a friggin' avocado someday? Does that mean we can make guacamole from him if we get tired of changing his diapers?

Here's a hint: out of some 300,000,000 people in the United States, some 30,000 of them identify as transgendered, one way or another. It is more likely that your baby boy will grow up to be a meth addict than it is that he'll decide that he's actually a girl. Personally, with any kid of mine, I'd be a hell of a lot more worried about drugs, violence, and liberalism (but I repeat myself) than I would about him being transgendered.

And these fools think this, believe it so completely, that they are angry that there are men who think they're women who can't get dates with men because the NORMAL man doesn't want to have sex with another man, even if that man thinks and dresses like a woman. That normal man is a bigot! How dare he refuse to have sex with someone who identifies as a woman?

It's this kind of inane blather that leaves me sputtering helplessly, unable even to get a handle on a coherent response to it. These people are simply divorced from reality, and they insist that unless we divorce ourselves from reality we are bigots. No, we are not bigots; YOU PEOPLE ARE BUGFUCK CRAZY.

Teach teenagers how to have anal sex, while you're at it! Because of course if you're not having the best possible orgasms, you're wasting your meat-robot existence!

On that last, from this post, as written:
All You Need Is Not Love
MORE AND BIGGER BEDROOMS WILL DO NICELY, THANK YOU. At some point, probably before it was written, the inner meaning of the rock anthem "All You Need is Love" was more properly understood as "All Your Need Is Orgasm." The problem is that orgasms by their very nature fade quickly leaving one needing yet another orgasm to fill "all you need". Failing to find that in your current love--for a month or so--you are compelled by "all you need" to wander off in the endless search for this most fleeting of all love's effects . To wander off in search of something always "better;" a better orgasm or, at the least, a better house with a better bedroom so that friends and family can assume better orgasms are happing right on schedule, and all the time.
So hell yeah, teach kids about anal sex as soon as you can so they can have all kinds of orgasms, because anyone who's bright knows that's the do-all-be-all of human existence!

Our culture's focus on sex and sexuality is extremely unhealthy.

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