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#5731: Well, that was wasted effort

I had two different essays crop up, on the seven deadly sins, and neither one went anywhere useful. Either they need more thought, or else they're redundant compared to other, similar discussions. Either way, what I wrote on the topic was bland and useless, so after I axed it the second time I gave up trying to write, and did something useful.

That was yesterday.

So let's move on to the usual linky-commenty stuff, and try to have a little fun doing it.

* * *

Connecticut does something good and outlaws civil asset forefeiture. Civil asset forfeiture is a very bad thing, because it criminalizes things which are not criminal, like having a large sum of cash money laying around. It gives the government license to take whatever it wants from people without a trial, essentially fining (or taxing) them based solely on the fact that they have a lot of cash. My favorite quote comes from a judge's decision in a civil assed forefeiture case in Illinois, where he ordered the money be given back to the citizen: "The mere presence of money, even a lot of it, does not constitute a crime."

But of course being able to seize money, under the dubious legal theory that anyone with a large sum of cash is involved in criminal activity, is good for police departments, who get to keep a portion of the money they seize.

But Connecticut is still boned, financially. I haven't heard what Moody's has done with regard to Illinois' status, but if Connecticut is "junk", well--Connecticut is, per capita, America's richest state; if they're boned, Illinois must be as well.

* * *

As fatuous as the day is long. "A baby is not involved in an abortion", you say? Really? Why are you having the abortion, then? I mean, if it's not about preventing a pregnancy (which, not to put too fine a point on it, involves a baby) then what's the point?

I suppose by that standard we could say that an execution doesn't involve a criminal. Right? Oh! And a rape doesn't involve a victim! Yeah! I'm fascinated by this new science of yours, Sir Bedevere!

* * *

The elites have no idea what is coming. Presented here only because I found it a compelling read.

Civilization is a painfully thin veneer, and it can be ripped away in seconds. My abortive essays yesterday touched on this point, so I'm not going to delve into it now, but there are many signs that there is a mad scramble among the elites to prevent some kind of seminal event, something that will strip their power and privilege from them.

I don't want to call it a "collapse", though it may well be. The elites certainly don't want to lose their control of society, which is why they take every step they can think of to a) stay on top and b) maintain a society to stay on top of.

In that order.

We'll know that things are very serious when some of them start doing things that will simply maintain society at all, irrespective of whether or not they maintain control. There will be a few of them who will recognize the danger and attempt to mitigate it--not selfless by any means, but who have enough perspective to realize that keeping society sound is better for them than the alternative, because if the whole thing comes down they'll be the first ones torn to bloody shreds by the mobs, but if they're just out of power, they'll still live a long time, and better than the average person will.

I do not, however, believe that maintaining their power is still on the table. That's why I linked the piece.

* * *

John C. Wright discusses why anthropogenic global warming is bunkum.

* * *

The weather continues to annoy, being warm and sticky outside without being particularly hot--say, "swimming weather" hot, you know?

* * *

So, I'm led to understand that SNL got as many Emmy nominations as Westworld. This is why I ignore industry awards. SNL got its nominations not for being funny--which it hasn't managed for decades--but for making anti-Trump jabs. (I tried to, and cannot, describe what they emit as "jokes", because jokes are funny, and SNL is not funny.)

I suspect someone who spent his entire show flashing "TRUMP IS AN IDIOT" on the screen would get an Emmy nomination for it.

* * *

I have no smart words left for today. Sorry about that.

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